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Compact Crossbar Locks: Benchmade Bugout vs Hogue Deka | KnifeCenter Reviews

Squaring off are two compact folding pocket knives ideal for lightweight EDC duty. Cast your vote for the Bugout or the Deka

Originally designed with hikers in mind, the Benchmade Bugout slims down the AXIS lock for compact EDC. Hogue is ten years into the knife making game and has the Bugout in its sights with the Deka, featuring their new ABLE lock and premium blade steel. Sound off in the comments with your favorite.

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15 replies on “Compact Crossbar Locks: Benchmade Bugout vs Hogue Deka | KnifeCenter Reviews”

Love both companies and knives although I think the Bugout is WAY overhyped. That being said the Hogue Deka is a much better knife and the ABLE lock fixes some issues with the Axis lock. Hogue is always a step or two ahead of Benchmade and slightly more reasonably priced as well. I just don't like the scales on the Deka, just not doing it for me. If was Carbon Fiber or even solid colored G10 I'd like it much more. Thanks again Mr David C Anderson.

The ONLY thing that bugs me about the Deka is the blade shape. I just can't bring myself to like it. Still want one though lol

I now own both and am going to keep the Deka and sell the bugout. However I am keeping my mini bugout as well!

Hello D.C.A., I'd choose both the drkst. Hogue👍 and the blk.out Benchmade👍, btw good job describing the differences, for sure👍👍!! Keep up the good work and keep these vids coming! Have fun and be safe, take care, "God Bless", sincerely, Randy. 👍👍🙏😇👊

Just on the design alone the Bugout will win 9 out of 10 times and the amount of customizable parts you can get for the Bugout it’s going to be a classic especially when Benchmade starts using other materials and other steel variants…

As much as the Hogue has better material, its shape just isn’t my cup of tea. It’s almost reaching fugly, and that goes to show my taste in knife design. The drop point shape on the Bugout is is picture-perfect for me, and I wish more knife makers used a similar, clean and simple design for their drop points. Winner is the Bugout for me.

Deka hands down and I've never held either one. And that's not even because benchmade is a bunch of anti gun idiots.

I could see Benchmade offering more premium models of the Bugout in some time. With other brand staples like the Griptilian & Crooked River being available in 20cv, M4, and S90V it's only a matter of time before a more premium-feeling Bugout drops

So I have the deKa, bugout, and para 3 LW in M390. My bugouts action is super gritty. I have to use graphite to get it to work at all and that only lasts a couple days until it needs more. But when it is working nice it has the best action of the 3. The deKa is kinda mushy. Doesn’t snap out. And doesn’t drop shut without blade ply. The para 3 snaps out and drops shut with little side play and off center but is way to stiff if I get rid of the play since it only has one washer. Of the 3 I carry my Para the most, deKa second, and never carry my bugout. With that said I have handled bugouts with great actions and would probably carry it more than the deKa just because of the “snappy” action. But in all reality I don’t carry any of them hardly anymore since I got my spydiechef. It’s slim, titanium, love the blade shape, and literally won’t ever rust under normal use.

David: "The Deka has a little bit extra when you put it in your hands."
Me: "that's what she said!"

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