survival kit review

2020 Survival Kit – (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

A survival kit for 2020
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Microbat coin bag

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15 replies on “2020 Survival Kit – (OFFICIAL VIDEO)”

Expandable is clutch….even if you don’t buy something. You can never pack your stuff as compactly for the trip home as you did when leaving…dirty cloths and what not. imo

Lol I thought you like to be prepared and then you say “unfortunately I have to wear a mask”. Cognitive Dissonance Much?

The swap arooskiee 😂😂😂 “only good when your phone charger is messed up and you can get away with swapping it with your relatives”

I have the seal pup and love it. I like how you took it out of the big sheath and just keep it in the plastic sleeve. That's a cool idea

So in America, you have to go tooled up for WW3 to buy some milk? And you’re ok with that, you don’t see what’s wrong there? Amazing insight into just how bad America has become.

I doubt this will get read by Cody, but in the event it does, know it comes from a constructive place.

I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed from your channel at least 3-4 times now. What I’m continually at odds with is your highlighting higher end/expensive items. Note I’m not taking issue with you backing any one product, and this is the real world, someone has to pay the bills and for you to produce this content. But again, my grievance is with it always being high end or the occasional budget item that will knowingly fail or surprise.

I and your others viewers I suspect would like to see is a healthy balance of items and gear that are budget friendly but also don’t compromise on quality. There is an entire middle ground that doesn’t play to the polar opposites in value. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Instead of Trigicon, how about Primary Arms optics. Mora knives anyone?

Let go of the brand and the vanity. Remember, what we show can be more telling then what we preach. Take care and I wish you continued success.

Really? You're a cry baby about wearing a mask. Put your Big Boy Pants on & stop whining. It's a pandemic!

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