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Razor-Lite EDC from Outdoor Edge: Everyday Carry Razor Blade in Knife Form

The Razor-Lite EDC Knife is built to be a usable, razor-sharp (literally) option in the form of an everyday carry knife. This thing comes really sharp – as you’d expect – so be careful. I tested in a variety of ways, even in ways I probably wouldn’t normally use it, and it worked well. If you need a slicing option for everyday carry and you want something you can swap out to get a new sharp edge in quickly, this might be the one for you.

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30 replies on “Razor-Lite EDC from Outdoor Edge: Everyday Carry Razor Blade in Knife Form”

I love mine. I’ve been carrying it for a few weeks now working as a landscaper. A blade seems to last for awhile. I’ve been using a blade sharpener at the end of the day to keep using a blade sharp for a couple days instead of changing blades so often like I normally would on a regular razor knife. These blades are more expensive, but they do allow the aspect of sharpening to get some more time out of one which helps offset the cost over a typical razor blade that seems so disposable. Overall I’ve been very impressed, it’s stood up to dirt, mulch, rock, weed fabric, and all the other things I come across on a typical day.

I wash windows and use it to trim squeegee blades when replacing them. It's scary sharp for other EDC uses, the light weight is great too. I thought mine was lost(and found again) and bought another companies exchange blade knife. It was heavier and the blade support is thicker. The Outdoor Edge is better.

I was thinking about getting one for warehouse work with all the boxes… But that doesn't even work very good lol

I have one of these. I love it. I’m a truck driver and I use it to cut cardboard packaging, twine, plastic shrink wrap and such. One blade will last me about a month or so give or take. It’s much the same as a box cutter but gives you a good deal more useable blade length.

I love these knifes. There light and razor sharp. And the best part I can re sharpen them back to a more of a razor edge. I can re sharpen each blade around 4 or 5 times before I dispos of the blade. I got everyone I work with carrying these knifes. They replaced the box cutter knife. ☺ 🇺🇸 👍

My question always with knives is why aren't we making these in the US, UK, Canada or Europe. Why is China making all this stuff?

I'm definitely buying one for hunting. I have enough stuff on my belt when I head out, because I keep a fixed blade, my rangefinder, a small suvival pouch, a multitool, and light on my belt, so I passed up on their products because most ride on your belt. However with this having a pocket clip, I'm definitely buying one. Especially since I'm going to New Mexico in August for an elk hunt, I'm definitely impressed!

I just used one to process a boar hog. It worked well for gutting, but the pig was gritty and the blade dulled quickly under that circumstance. I needed to change the blade, but couldn't because it was gooped up with blood and guts and I could not get a grip with ice cold bloody hands. Had to use another skinning knife to finish the job. Next time I will be better prepared so I can clean up a little to change the blade if needed. Overall, pretty happy with the price and concept.

Bought this knife, works great except I can't seem to get the blade out to change it for a new one…

Wood working I agree NO, but skinning looks great. Feathers some what. I've never really found a good knife for everything, IN the woods my pack has several, not because I lose alot, because they don't make one for all we use a knife for.

Nope rope is not a problem. I have used the same blade for two weeks and i have cut up 125' of climbing rope like butter along with various other thing like weed eater string and so on. Makes a good snuff can opener too.

Not bad for a razor knife. I would remove the clip and grind down the hump on the back where the clip screwed into (as I am a lefty)

As long as it's easy to find the blade refills, sounds like a useful pocket knife; work knife or medical kit knife.

I used it to skin game last trapping season. Works really good for making your money cuts. I wouldn't use it for much else though, as you can easily carry another folder along with it. This knife is nice when you need a razor edge but like every unique knife, it has its place and is not all-in-one sort of deal.

Omg i absolutely love your channel and all of your videos i think you should do something like self defense edc knives like maybe a fox 599 or fox dart or something like that anyway keep up the great channel

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