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EDC Update 2020

EDC or Everyday Carry. Here’s my 2020 EDC Update.

Sig P365
Armor Guard Holster
NAA Pug 22 WMR
Microtech L.U.D.T.
Olight S1R Baton
Leatherman Squirt PS4
Exotac Nano Striker
NineLine Leather Wallet
Maxpedition Tactical Pen
Minuteman Watch
Magpul Phone Case
Griffin Tool
Olight i1r EOS
Daltech Force Bull Leather Belt
Kore Essentials Belt
Xtra Mag

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23 replies on “EDC Update 2020”

This is a lot. I am from the Netherlands. I don't get why it's allowed to carry a gun in America. Just why? In case anyone will rob you?? It's insane

My God A typical Roger Ram Jet. The best weapon to have is a trained MIND and knowing your surroundings. A pistol, knife, First aid kit, some clothing, MRE and some water is all one needs. All the rest of this is BS. Who is he trying to impress. Really.!!!!!!!

You remind me of my dad when I was a kid. Except for the cell phone in that cool keychain.

Hahahaha. How fekking paranoid are you? Be a man and dump all this nonsense (unless you are a SEAL member)
If not, you come across as nervous and afraid.

Vocês fazem propaganda enganosa quero comprar esse pacote essa pasta de objetos e vcs estão querendo so falar besteiras

Look, you have four (4) weapon-looking things quite noticeably clipped to your pockets – that’s four too many, if you aren’t trying to attract attention and scream I HAVE A GUN.

The tactical watch isn’t helping matters either, and ditto for the khaki pants. If you just wanted positive affirmation about how you’re doing everything right and don’t change anything, yeah…no.

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