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EDC Belt Comparison

The 3 Best EDC Belt Options for concealed carry compared:
(1) Low Profile EDC BELT –
(2) NexBelt –
(3) Ares Aegis Belt –

Holster (axis slim with ulticlips) – Http://

Warrior Poet Website –

Knife from video – Http://

Our Amazon Store –

SUPPORT the Channel –

Video Recorded with:
Sony a6400 Camera –
Sony 50mm Lens –
GoPro Hero 7 –
Canon 70d –
Zoom H4N Recorder –
Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Mic –
Shure SM7B Microphones –
CloudLifter Mic Activator –
Mackie PROFX8V2 8-Channel Compact Mixer –
Lighting –

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22 replies on “EDC Belt Comparison”

Hey John will you sell me your old Aries belt? I’ll buy it if the WPSN signs it 🙏😬

Been wearing the Warrior Poet Low Profile EDC belt for a few weeks. Hands down, it's the best low profile EDC I've worn after ~5 years of trying everything from SOE's low profile and cobra buckle belts to generic store-bought (non-EDC) ones.

A good custom belt maker can carry it all for less than a bill…and nobody else Will have that one too.

That ring at 5:45 is why I've never found a gun belt that conceals better than my Dickies belt from Walmart. I just dont see the point for A/IWB tbh. (OWB is a different story.) I've tried a Hanks and a Blue Alpha Gear Cobra and they've either not been worth the money or caused problems. Even the BAG in this video has to be cinched down quite a bit. Cinching down any belt is going to make it stiffer anyway. I was hoping I'd see a belt worth swapping to, and I did not.

12:44 – "Talk amongst yourselves"
Me – Turned around to talk to my friends, but I'm alone watching a guy try on belts…

Bought a Kore belt last week… wife tried it and she has "Permanently Borrowed It". Ordered another and had it sent to my mom's house. Told my mom to let me know when it comes in the mail under dad's name….he also "Permanently Borrowed It". Ordered another and having it sent to my work now…hehe.

Carry a lot of weight, glock 19 with a mag and knife. Bro im trying to carry a shadow 2 lol

John's styling the Swoosh hair today.
Bulletproof underwear. Seems small. Do they have a balls of steel size?
Another excellent video. Waiting for cash to put into your online streaming channel.
I like the to the point vids. No screwing around with the history of guns etc. I don't have that type of time. Thanks for the brevity.
You need to live crash test dummy the bulletproof underwear.

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