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Drop Quiet Carry IQ Review – Smart Choice

Drop Quiet Carry IQ Review
The Quiet Carry IQ is a smaller knife that is exclusively available at With it’s titanium scales, the Drop Quiet Carry IQ has a blade length of about 2.9 inches. Although the IQ is a small knife, it actually only weighs of a larger knife at 2.15 ounces or 60 grams. The Drop Quiet Carry IQ pocket knife deploys fairly quick thanks to the strong detent. The ceramic ball-bearing pivot also aids with deployment of the IQ sheepsfoot blade, which utilizes ELMAX steel.
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Drop Quiet Carry IQ knife specs:
Blade Steel: Elmax
Blade Length: 2.9″ or 7.3 cm
Action: manual
Lock Type: frame
Lock Bar Insert: yes
Over Travel Stop: yes
Deployment: flipper
Pivot Material: Ceramic ball-bearings
Blade Style: sheepsfoot
Blade Finish: black PVD
Grind: flat
Pivot Screws: T8
Blade Thickness: 2.20 mm
Blade Width: 0.70″ or 1.7 cm
Handle Length: 3.7″ or 9.3 cm
Handle Thickness: 3.8″ or 9.6 cm
Handle Scales: titanium
Closed Width: 0.76″ or 1.9 cm
Open Length: 6.6″ or 16.7 cm
Lanyard Hole: no
Weight: 2.15 oz or 60.8 g
Price: $198 or 175 Euro

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16 replies on “Drop Quiet Carry IQ Review – Smart Choice”

Quiet Carry with another great looking knife, they dot every i and cross every t. I like it.

In a forum there was a quiete knowledgeable old man, who used to (somewhat ironically) say "Is it Elmax? No? Then it's shit!". It's a popular steel around here amongst custom makers.

I don't think I would part with my hard earned for an IQ… but I AM quiet ly hoping that I win this one!

Just can't be quiet about that shorty! I will shout it out to all those who might listen! Thanks Jay for another opportunity to quietly put a great knife in my pocket!

I am …quiet… impressed by this little knife. Nice to have one of your videos to watch while having breakfast.

There's nothing quiet about this knife, it screams style and usability! I've been a huge fan of their products for awhile now, especially The Drift. I need one of those in my life. Do not go quietly into that good night; slash and cut at it…with a quiet carry of course.πŸ˜‚ Thanks for the great content Jay, and I hope to see some of your thoughts on bags and pouches soon!

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