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The Civivi Knives Anthropos Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at an interesting knife from Civivi and Elijah Isham, with an amazing blade, but a couple of downsides: the Anthropos.

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I love my all black one. Did you see where the blade is marked d2? It is there. I like to thumb roll mine open, like a front flipper, and the finger flick isnt bad for me but I have large hands.

Thanks for the video, going to pass on the knife till the quality / price improve. Priced at $50 ok as is. Priced at $100 with better quality. I'm liking the design. Looks very thin behind the edge. Thanks again for the review. 😎👍

I don't like how the Civivi Isham's are significant step ups in price over all the other Civivi's, but the quality is the same, or (apparently) worse. You really seem to be paying for Isham's name/mark. Especially for this model. I wouldn't have known it was an Isham if you hadn't said so. I can't say that about any other design of his I've seen.

If you decide to adjust the lock bar to loosen the detent strength, I'd love to see a video showing how you do it. It would be helpful to many of us.

Hey knife guys. Would you go for the Ontario Rat 2 in D2 steel @ $50 or the Civivi McKenna in D2 @ $70 for a light use carry knife?

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