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3 kits in 1! The SOL Hybrid 3 Survival Kit

Today we check out the SOL Hybrid 3 survival kit. I picked this up for right at $50 at in June of 2020. Enjoy!

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Good job on building that kit up, to a higher standard!
What do you do, with all the kits?
Keep your smiles on!

It was smart of them to leave out a knife and or multitool.
They'd have to include junk, and you should always have these things on you everyday anyways.

If theres nothing else you need to add and you don't feel like you're making it bulkier than adding knives seems fine, but as always I just don't get the idea of having knives in a survival kit.

Love your reviews !You inspired me to create a channel review about survival tools ❤️

Interesting! The First Aid side is a lot more comprehensive than the Survival and Tools side, that's for sure. Not too much you'd need to add to the former. The latter could use some work! Your additions should go a long ways towards making it a useful kit.

…the tincture of benzoin is used to help secure the wound closure strips in place. Also, do you think you could review the Henry survival kit at some point? Looks like a good kit, but a review would be great. Thanks again and keep the reviews coming!

I am glad you were interested enough to go through with my suggestion. I'm glad to see you liked it.
If you ever need to resupply their website sells refills. I don't know if you do medical kits but their trauma kits and the world travel are awsome

Nice video as always. I would add one of the sol emergency 2 person blankets. Also add some needle and thread like other people have said. But a small plastic bag or altoids tin with fishing hooks , weights, swivels and a few small lures. Plus replace one of the cordage packs with fishing line. Maybe add a beef stick or cliff bar. That would round it one nicely.

Very nice kit. Looks like you might have been able to fit a small fixed blade in there as well

Love your reviews. I thought the "repair kit" part of the SOL kit was a little weak. I think I would add a sailing needle and some heavy duty thread. As always, I think you improved the kit a lot with your additions. For me, any kit lacking a stainless steel container has a critical failure because if a short-term survival situation turns into a longer-term survival situation then water and food preparation are going to become unnecessarily difficult, but that's my own personal pet peeve. 😁 Thanks for sharing this info with us!

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