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Will this Switchblade Buy Me Happiness? The Hawk Deadlock OTF Review.

The Hawk Deadlock is often known as the ultimate switchblade. But can buying an object like a sick OTF knife bring me happiness? Capitialism says yes. This review examines what scratches and actually using your grail knife do to it’s resale value. Do you even have $1000 saved for emergencies? Grant and Gavin Hawk have spent years designing and perfecting their Deadlock. It is the only solid out the front knife known to the modern tactical man. In this long, bloated review film I compare it’s traits to other extremely tactical knives like the Microtech Ultratech Bountry Hunter Boba Fett Star Wars knife, the Benchmade Pagan, the AKC F-16, the Hawk MUDD Auto, the Boker Kalashnikov Dessert Warrior, and the Protech Don. This video may not provide answers if material objects can bring happiness, but it will waste exactly 14:15 minutes of your 4th of July Weekend while you’re sitting at home.
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30 replies on “Will this Switchblade Buy Me Happiness? The Hawk Deadlock OTF Review.”

Only OTF I've ever lusted for. Unfortunately it would cost me around $101k…$1k for the knife and $100k to grease the palms of some legislators to make them legal to own here…

Are you kidding the dessert warrior is going for 200??? If that's true mines for sale ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Kids, knives are tools, not not toys! Now go play outside while Daddy day drinks and fidgets with his "tool".

Also his knife.

Its a nice knife stranger but sadly non of my night stalking jobs have pay well enough for a $1k box cutter, i mean maybe in beverly hills they pay well enough to carve up boxes but the people I stalk never have that kind of money on their corpses.

Excellent video as always dude, stoked to see you got one of these. I am paid in full for a batch 8 Deadlock and I'm quite stoked for it. This is pretty much the ultimate OTF and I tell myself after this one I'll never need another ๐Ÿ˜… keep up the awesome work!

It costs a grand? If I jump off a cliff with it in my hand will it fire up like a drone, control my descent, and set me down safely?

If a man seeks happiness apart from Almighty God, he will think he has found it for a moment in a desolate wasteland.

Lol this man loves to cut up boxes lol i love ๐Ÿ’˜ him already. Now back to the vid..

Dude, this box, with โ€œsuperiorโ€ …., wel, i dont dare to write it down ๐Ÿ˜ณ. Why is this vid stil on the internet? PC modus off……,

I use all my knives, and I have a lot. Not using them because it's pretty or expensive never crossed my mind. Most days I carry a $800 John Gray Thuck and I beat the hell out of it.

Congratulations you mad man! I'm stoked for you that you've finally got one of these for yourself

Not really my thing (and I spend my money in other stupid ways, so I can't afford it either) but I still love the review. And thank you for adding IPAs! I had 24 wonderful hours of endorfine bliss, back when I got my old Italian stiletto – you know Godfather click stabby-stabby.. still love to touch it in that special way and carry it around in my leather jacket as if I'm the bad guy in a 80's movie.

That looks like a real high quality piece that can actually be used for more than toolery. With small companies you usually get very good quality in both finishes and blade heat treating. I own a Compliance Edge knife and it's a cut above larger companies' production knives (no pun intended). Awesome review as always dude. How's motorcycling going by the way?

"Very unnamed but very Spyderco like companies" killed me harder than the grailbois did themselves after seeing you actually use this knife for things

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