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Survival Kit Review: Part 7 Signalling (Wilderness Survival skills)

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about signaling in the dark, a great method is to simply use your Firesteel as they produce a very intense bright spark shower that will be seen for a very long distance, its much brighter than a small flashlight and it will always work as it dont matter if its raining and is not dependent of batteries, you can even strike sos with it by making short or long pauses inbetween the sparks

I would suggest that you use a FOX 40 whistle in your kit, it is really loud, it is actually three small whistle in one, it is used in the NBA, NHL, CFL,NFL


Now you're talkin'. The best thing to happen if you're lost is to be found! Good Going! I like Blackwater200's bottle rocket idea… good thinking.

@SadlyDiscontinued Thanks for the information buddy. I got AMK mirror as well as Ultimate Survival mirror plus 2 way signal mirror one side is normal and the other side is red which can use to signal at night time by using some light source.I bought that from Fusion gear (Australia Ebay ). Please check that out if you are in survival gears.They have a few cool stuffs.

you need 550 paracord in your survival kit. it can replace your marking tape, snares, sewing thread, fishing line and other stuff, will beef up your first aid and your shelter building. you can wrap it on any/everything you realy need it in your survival kit.

Once more ,another survival kit with out an aerial marker or signal panel…I did a some what decent vid on one on my channel..of this device that no one even thinks to carry..

I'll add a "rescue torch" -sorry i don't know the term in english- it's a device like a stick which is used in emergency on boat. It's provide light and smoke for signaling even on rain, they're made in different size.

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