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SOL Origin Survival Kit Review – SAVE Your Life! – Scout Prepper

I review the excellent pocket sized AMK or Adventure Medical Kits SOL Origin survival kit. This credit card sized kit is perfect for your pocket or briefcase, and has tons of cool tools to help you survival in the wilderness. Add a few water purification tablets and some split shot fishing weights and you are in business. Highly recommended at just $40 or less street price.

Adventure Medical SOL Origin:

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5 replies on “SOL Origin Survival Kit Review – SAVE Your Life! – Scout Prepper”

Not worth 70 euro I paid for it. The tourch didnt even work. Next time I'll build mi own

For a bag to hold water try a produce bag from the supermarket. While not strong they are very thin and fold up very compactly. It will hold more than the oft recommended condom and if punctured will leak which can be patched with something like duct tape rather than pop like a condom will.

I have one great kit works for me u need something to back u up in case u fire like a deer hunt I was on by self made a fire made me some coffee wamed up walk out safe

thanks for the review. I picked up one of these on sale somewhere. the biggest downside I see is the weight of all the plastic. but it is a nice little package. however I consider it an E & E kit and not much more

 i threw out the paper directions, tin foil and put a small plastic bag for water cpllection in it. i replaced the crap string with good microcord. added small hikers roll of duct tape. then I put mine in a small condor pouch and strapped it to my USMC kabar. that way I always have the basics.

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