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Swiss Army Knife Review, Swiss Champ


The Swiss Champ, Swiss Army Knife is the ultimate little multi-tool with more features than imaginable. The only tool missing which I wish it had is a torch.
I enjoy doing reviews on gear that I believe is exceptional. Swiss Army knives are very compact but many will ask, “why not use a Leatherman?” Leathermans are great but they’re a lot heavier than Swiss Army Knives.

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There is one model above the Swiss Champ called the “Swiss Champ XLT” and it has a few additional tools.

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Hey man good review. I got a question for you. I bought one of these a year ago, i dropped it and there is a small dent in the metal it doesn't affect the functionality do you think they will repair it for me free of charge?

I own about 30 Swiss Army Knives and I find the Swiss Champ essential for the outdoors. When I go mountain biking, I ride 40 to 50km so I make sure I bring a spare inner tube and a pump because it’s only a matter of time before I’ll have a flat tire. If you bike (or have access to Google), you know the difference between a Schrader valve (same as the one you have in your car tire) and a Presta valve (stupid shit they’ve invented to make life complicated). That said, I need a pair of pliers to switch from Presta to Schrader mode (and vice versa) in my bike tire pump and the Swiss Champ has served me really well in that task. Also, did you ever watch those two famous videos of the young marine biologists removing a plastic straw from a turtle’s nose? They used the Swiss Champ pliers too. I love to watch those videos.

How is the build quality of this particular knife?? I heard the outer case is made up of plastic…

Magnifying glass and tweezers are great for removing splinters. Small screwdriver is perfect for sunglasses and glasses when they come loose. This thing is a Champ.

Hi, re magnifier for lighting a fire, I've done it a few times and found it's easier if you rest the side of your hand on the ground or a log as your hand doesn't shake and depending on the strength of the sun, you can get s flame pretty quickly 😀, great video 👍

Anyone found the ruler scale on the inches side is slightly shorter than the standard like 1/32” short? The other side of cm scale is correct. Anyway its still good tool.

It's nice having all these tools but this one seems a bit too thick for my liking. Unfortunately, I lost my Camper recently so I was looking to get a new pocket knife. I settled on the Huntsman. Seemed like a good compromise between size and number of tools.

lmao at the lag1914 comment. (love my Swiss Champ won't trade it for any other knife 🙂

I want one of this knife but unfortunately I'm from Egypt and I do not know how to get it

brilliant thing just a little bulky. My Huntsman goes everywhere with me. EDIT I pulled the trigger on one and look forward to getting it.

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