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Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Knife Review (The Definitive Spyderco!)

I also lost my intro, great! I would definitely recommend getting this knife, it’s one of my favorite folders. Hope you enjoyed the review!

length overall 8.281 ” (210 mm) blade length 3.438 ” (87 mm) blade steel CPM S30V
length closed 4.812 ” (122 mm) cutting edge 3.078 ” (78 mm) weight 3.9 oz. (111 g)
blade thickness .141 ” (3.5 mm) handle material G-10

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Kershaw is all garbage. They are finally using good steel and making them usa again buy it's to little to late ..and they charge more than benchmade for premium steel ..buck is starting the same thing ..they have pro series now with s35vn but you pay twice as much for you would at white river knives or benchmade..screw Kershaw. Always a let down.

One many do not know about is the spyderco centerfaunte.. its vg10 made in Japan not china ..and about 70 bucks. . Super thin blade for slicing ..Its about like a cross between a 940 Osborn benchmade and a delica..

Hey bro nice review without extra annoying stuff ppl like to talk streight to the point just ordered mine !

Pm2 rocks after having a bunch of knives this is the one I usually carry to use my Coldsteel espada large polished g10 is more for looks and I have no safe queens had a zero tolerance in maxamet steel lost the knife it was around 600$ used 😩

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