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BCB International Military Survival Kit

Today we’re checking out the “NATO Approved” Military Survival Kit from BCB International. Enjoy!

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You should always carry a minimum of one real knife on your person in a way that its always there and a small knife in a survival kit doesn't need to be in there taking up space when it's not going to be very useful at all in a survival situation anyways.
I never leave the house without a knife in my pocket ( most often 2 ) for daily utility, and I would still bring 2 wilderness oriented knives with me regardless of what I was already carrying.

So here's the funny thing about "Military Grade" gear. The military is a massive machine and things are constantly being destroyed and replaced. All equipment is considered expendable and is treated as such. So if you're truly looking for good one time purchases you should look first for things often considered enthusiast quality. For instance tactical boots are not as good as a decent pair of hunting boots but they don't look badass so people right them off from being a good option. Tactical gear is supposed to be functional first but now it seems to be more about a aesthetic design then functionality.

hey ,if anyone else wants to uncover contact a tactical manual for post collapse survival pdf try Ichordo Survival Medical Fixer (just google it ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my m8 got great results with it.

That's a nice kit. If it's SAS approved, I wonder why the light isn't red or green to maintain stealth?

This is an awesome kit! Its used by the sas and american air force. It seems like they changed it a little bit. It used to come with a nice little replica of a buck 110 pocket knife. And the handle was better before as well. If I am not wrong, it used to have more storm proof matches as well. Still a very cool kit that could really save your life in a pinch.

Decent survival tin, I wonder if there are some 15 year old items in some of their kits? Or maybe they upgraded every piece

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