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Manly Patriot – Knife Review

I kept this knife for about 6 months. I used it for all knids of tasks and these are my conclusions.

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They made the Manly Drugar, it's a slightly larger version of this, larger handle on it.
Can't find it in stock anywhere at the moment though.

Hey SJ,,just subscribed to ch. being a fixed blade user I started collecting more hard users as my main intention above all. As time went on I ventured in the more exotic high dollar fixies but only work with makers who keeps their builds for the purpose of use 1st. I still buy low budget when there’s companies like this that catch my attention. D2 normally isn’t my choice but I will be buying at least 1 from this company after seeing how much you can use this edge and the steel still allows for fine feather making.
I now have about a handful of customs makers whom either use the stock removal approach or go all in and heat and beat. Again,,,I see picking a couple up from this company because the geometry of the knife and I agree the handle does make for more long term use at a comfort level when’s there’s more meat but for some makers they find the right amount of contour or lack of in a thin handle as well.
I have no problems buying from semi customs also. The name behind the blade has to see each design all the way through and make its final approval and that’s what it takes to stay consistent and keep us buying. So I’ll review this company from other sources before making my purchase as I do before jumping in.
Thanks for a great all around talk on this knife and for the demo.
Looking forward to watching more reviews from you👍🏼

If you go into the wilderness without a slip joint pocketknife with at least two, and better, three blades, meaning a Trapper or a Stockman, you should have stayed home because you don't have the right tools for an emergency, or even for doing normal tasks, and you aren't safe.

Too many of this generation were raised on flip knives that lock, and they're scared to death of a folder that doesn't lock. It's silly. Slip joints have been around for many centuries, seven year old children use the routinely, and there is no such thing as a woodsman who doesn't carry one.

Those who think such knives are a thing of the past need to ask themselves who is keeping more than three dozen knife companies who specialize in such knives in business. With only one or two exceptions, such as the Buck 110, a folder with one blade has no business in the woods at all. It's as silly as a screen door on a submarine. If you want a knife with one blade, take a fixed blade. That's what fixed blades are for.

A pocketknife with one blade isn't just wrong, it's incredibly dumb in the wilderness. It's doesn't make much sense at all in the city, but in the wilderness it is, at best, foolish. It's completely wasted space, and it precludes you from taking a knife made to be used in the wilderness, made to do real work, and not just for opening packages and cutting string.

If a fixed blade can do what your folder can do, then leave the folder at home, and take a working man's knife, a wilderness knife, a WOODSMAN's knife, instead. Get over being afraid of a knife little children can handle safely. If they can do it, a man should be able to.

I could say the same thing about flip knives in the city, but no one will listen, primarily because anyone who actually uses a knife for real work either already knows it, or a box cutter can handle the work he does.

Good alternative for a mora knife!. Well, stronger of course, but with a very usable blade shape. without ornaments.


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