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2 EDC Survival Kits: 30 & 45 Item Survival Kits | Fire Steel, Water, Matches, Whistle, & More

In this video we look at 2 EDC Survival Kits. Do they win? Like most kits, they have some wins and some areas to improve. I think these both provide a solid base for a survival kit, but I do think they would require a few additions as well. Check them out and let me know what you think.

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1. The Mora Craftline Basic 5 11 –
2. Mylar Blankets –
3. UCO Stormproof Matches –
4. Light My Fire Fire Steel 2.0 –
5. Stanley Stainless Steel Cook Set –

1. ESEE 6 –
2. Ontario Knife Company Rat 7 –
3. Benchmade Bushcrafter –
4. TOPS Kukri –
5. Mora Garberg –

1.CRKT Squid –
2. Benchmade Griptilian –
3. Spyderco Tenacious –
4. Ontario Knife Company Rat 2 –
5. CRKT Fossil –

1. Streamlight Microstream –
2. Olight S1R Baton 2 –
3. Thrunite T1 –
4. Thrunite TC15 –
5. Fenix PD35 TAC –

1. Bahco Laplander Saw –
2. Corona Folding Saw –
3. Mechanix Gloves –
4. Large Firesteel –
5. Pocket Bellows –

1. Vertx EDC Commuter Sling Bag –
2. Maxpedition Valence Tech Sling –
3. Vanquest Mobius –
4. Vanquest Envoy 13 Bag -
5. Helikon-Tex Bail Out Bag –

1. Car Survival Bag –
2. 10 Lies About Survival –
3. 10 Survival Knives –
4. TSA Kit –
5. TOPS Kukri & Kit –

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17 replies on “2 EDC Survival Kits: 30 & 45 Item Survival Kits | Fire Steel, Water, Matches, Whistle, & More”

Extra £15 for 1£ whistle, box of matches and £1 torch ? What is that bu…t that in emergency situation that is up to 72h hours mostly u will need a fishing hooks or staff like that? Hipotermia it's minutes/hours. Any kind of space blanket especially if u cold or need to cover from the sun. Most people will use that 2 matches but don't know how to keep the fire going. More tinder? Piece of fat wood on top off cotton balls and candle way more usefull than pencil. No water can be up to 3 days. No food 2 weeks easy. So take out that candy and put extra rubber straw with a piece of mash filter on 1 side and/or a coffee filter. Take out fishing gear and put 6 purification tablets. If u lost stay where u are and wait. Most people don't know how to use the compass even proper one. If u really need a compass put a proper button one. More water? Heavy duty aluminium zip bag as a kit selling pack will be great. U can put a printing outside or sticker. U can collect water in. U can boil water in. U hot and u have water. Make your self visible. Orange space blanket, whistle, orange duck type, flexible signaling mirror, mini glow stick, metal can with a rock inside (bell). Any micro light. Small blade. Yodine. Caffeine tablets. Pain killers. Survival instructions with how to use fire flint, water bag and purification tablets in capitals !! Plus info how to think and do (stay and wait). So bigger tin in aluminium zip bag with 3 rubber bands, 4×4 orange space blanket, small 2inch blade plus what I said before. Can it be done for 45 USD ?

The only thing that works is the manual, the rest is sausage filling. Buying everything separately in better quality is cheaper. Anyway, good video, save us from buying this garbage

Nice run down of Dave's kits. I agree they are a great baseline, but always seek to supplement and improve. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work! 🙂

Honestly, I appreciate the effort that David and crew put into this but I would just save the $40 and put it into serious gear for the five C’s. Pick up a cheap Mora knife, some paracord, a stainless steel bottle, a grabber tarp, and a 6-inch fire steel and you’d be a lot better off for not much more money.

Honestly if you’re not really experienced then your gonna be screwed with this kit; sorry,!! Pouring rain; damp, high humidity; cold; etc. Survival has become an over used commercially term without the understanding of what a really bad survival situation would be like and it’s gonna suck bad. Just call 911.

I agree with you that the 30 kit is the best value for the money. I would add a mylar blanket, and use one of the bands to secure it to the tin. I always have a small flashlight, and a good knife. Thank you for sharing this.

What item in that kit do you think someone does not know how to use besides the compass thingamajig?

Good review! I do have one comment, and I mean it constructively, but the obsession with candy tins is idiotic IMO. No, a space blanket will not fit in one but instead of trying to defy the laws of physics to fit one in the tin and the laws of nature by expecting a to survive with the minuscule amount of gear that fits in one, how about we just acknowledge that candy tins were always a stupid container for survival kits? Instead of wasting even more time, why we put the collective brains of the community together to choose the "Tin 2.0", the next, better iteration of the Universal Container?

 Of course, pre-made kits can be problematic to begin with. They're always designed to a price point more than a capability level. There are some almost cost-no-object kits (eg from ESEE) but most of them are of the cheap-and-cheerful variety. How many of us would set out to build our own hardcore, do-or-die survival kits and base them around $.15 book matches? Or include 1/2 cent bread bag twisters? Or a single piece of hard candy? We have to balance the risk of something happening against the cost of preparing for it, so I get it- lots of folks will go cheap. And in the eastern US you probably can't walk an hour without hitting a road or settlement of some kind. But if do need to spend a night out you'll regret going that cheap. What's your life worth? I know of well-documented cases of people dying of hypothermia overnight in situations where the $1 poncho from Walmart may well have saved their life, and coupled with the $7 AMK HeatSheets it would have just been a story they'd have told people for a few years instead of a funeral.

 It's said that knowledge is lighter than gear but if you look at what some of the greats carried (like Mors, RIP!) you see it centered around a pot, a knife and a down jacket! That won't fit in a candy tin. Obviously Mors lived in the North Woods of Canada and you may not need as much. Still, he forgot more about survival than most of us will ever know, and he chose to carry more stuff!
To me that absolute minimum you should ever carry includes a space blanket, some cordage, a couple ways to make a fire, a cheap poncho, some kind of knife and a bottle or canteen. It would best if that bottle was steel to boil in but if you go with a Nalgene just take some Aquatabs and/or a filter.

Could you lose your stuff? Yeah, it can happen. But if you want to back up your 'real PSK' with some stuff carried on you body make sure it's decent stuff. You can lose a pack but you probably won't lose your pockets. The application for a mini kit like you show is maybe that pocket backup, but even then add a space blanket in the other pocket!

Building a personalized kit is how I've been doing it for over ten years now. That way, you get exactly what you want, and nothing that you don't really need. Building the survival skills between the ears is the first step always !

That looks like a decent kit if you know to bring a kit that contains those items then you already have a decent flashlight and a knife of your choosing great review

A knife is essential, I'm no expert but all the videos I've watched. Say you need a knife.

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