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Snowbee Folding Filleting & Bait Knife Review by PMR

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I bought one online and loved it. Took it wrecking and it worked a treat and I was filleting on board with it not just gutting. Got home gave it a wash in fresh water and dried it. Next time out the lock device knackered and I was reduced to a floppy blade, a very sharp floppy blade. Got it from Veals and sent it back for another one. Blow me if it didn't do the same on the next trip. Haven't returned it again but it's now securely tied to open and keep it only for kitchen use. Maybe it was the saltwater sluicing on the boat, maybe a dodgy batch.

Hi Jamie where can I buy one for my tackle box, it’s really nice knife I looked at eBay but I didn’t find it.

Sweet blade. Always leave it up to the women to steal our toys. haha If only you could put a ceramic bearing in the hinge Jamie. You could customize blades and call it Pimp My Steel. lol

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