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Leather Knife Review How to Cut Thin and Thick Leather With Craftsman Trimming Knives

Leather Knife Review How to Cut Thin and Thick Leather With Craftsman Trimming Knives. This leather knife review will show you how easily a craftsman trimming knife can cut leather both thick and thin. A leather tool such as this is my go too knife I use on a daily basis for leather crafting and saddle making. The blades in this leather knife are easily changed out by unscrewing the handle to release the blade so the new blade can be put in. Whether you are making leather knife sheaths are gun holsters or even western saddles a leather knife like this is a must.
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10 replies on “Leather Knife Review How to Cut Thin and Thick Leather With Craftsman Trimming Knives”

Thanks for sharing. Is this trimming knife good for insider tight corner? Do you have any particular brand?

Sir , I just watched your video and was wondering if you could help me , what tool do I use to skive a cow leather or any soft leather? Thank you

Just starting out with leather work and that looks like a great knife for what I want to do with the leather! Thank you for your review.

Bruce, I'm just getting into leather craft and I found a lot of inspiration from your videos. You were the first leather crafter I found on YouTube and your work is top notch. I have started with pancake scabbards & the problem that I have starts from just cutting out my front and back pieces. I'm just using a regular ol box cutter because I have yet to build up my arsenal of tools. I have trouble navigating the curves of the pattern and I'm curious if this helps in cutting those curves a little cleaner to avoid them looking so squared. Thank you for the quality videos!

Have you ever tried the Vergez Blanchard L'Indispensable Brass Knife? I just bought one and I'm hoping it does the job they say it does- it wasn't cheap. I haven't gotten it yet, it's on the way- beautiful tool, that's for sure. It looks like it would do a really good job- it's like a beefed up xacto or something.

Thanks for the demo, Bruce. Do you think this tool would work on a piece of hair on cowhide? And if so, would you recommend cutting on the leather side or the hair side?

Good video. I tried my first project today and I will scratch the pattern into it before I try and cut it out. Looks like that works well for you.

I have been having great success with a utility knife. I find that the blade is good for 3-4 small projects like knife sheaths or gun holsters. Is there something I'm missing?

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