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Kershaw 2020 Slip Joints- Collaboration Review with Mild Mannered EDC

I really wanted to get these three knives together and do a review. They are pretty well done knives and at a reasonable price. The fit and finish of all three is pretty much on point!
I really like the fact that Kershaw put these slip joints out into the world and am hoping that they actually to more!
Huge shout out and thank you to Brad from Mild Mannered EDC for agreeing to do the collab video!!! You can check out his channel here:

Kershaw Slip Joints:

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18 replies on “Kershaw 2020 Slip Joints- Collaboration Review with Mild Mannered EDC”

I like the culpepper but I will stick to rough rider ,intermittent coverage the last four days ATB Dave

Culpepper (Barlow) is definitely my favorite of these. I don't carry a traditional (besides the keychain Victorinox classic), but the Kershaw Culpepper I'd carry.

Really like what Kershaw has done with these traditionals. Great look and great knives, especially for the price.

I like the Culpepper, the stockman is a bit slender for me and trappers? Meh, but good to see Kershaw getting back to a bit of traditional stuff.
They made some great stuff in the past, I would love to get another Corral Creek sheep's foot lock back, I lost mine years ago.

The link to Mild Mannered EDC's YouTube channel leads to a 404 error, just so you know. I'm planning to pick up the Culpepper someday, I prefer single blade patterns. Thanks for sharing!

I like the lanyard hole on the Barlow. I'm looking at the moose titanium and the buck slip joints. Thanks for another option BigRedEDC and Mild Mannered EDC!

It is really nice to see a cutlery maker get back to its roots. And I do like the looks of that Culpepper model! As for the blade steel of 7Cr17MoV, well, that's better than most traditionals. But, personally, I wish that we would see a return to "manly man" back-springs on slip-joint folders!

I like the look of these. They seem to be comparable to the offerings from Old Timer, but with more modern materials. Kind of a neat idea for Kershaw to dip their toes into that water as a change of pace for the brand. Nice review. 👍🏻

Hi. Just a quick word. JB check the paragraph under the video about your SMKW link. Lol. Just so you can change it, happens to me all the time. All the best.

Nice looking knives! My favorite is the Culpeper! Like you said it looks close to the barlow. Thanks for sharing!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Hello. 3 nice knives, pity about the grind on Brad's Knife. It is a shame if the QC can't be relied upon to give a consistent result. I like the idea of traditionals in modern materials. All the best to you both.

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