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EDC Awesome – Sabra Gear Partner Pack Review

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Up for review today is the Sabra Gear Partner Pack which is a versatile EDC pack with multiple ways of carry. Which would work best for you?

Link :

Weight :
Partner: 320 Grams / 11.5 Ounce
Drop leg harness: 50 Grams / 1.8 Ounce
Waist harness: 45 Grams / 1.6 Ounce
Shoulder strap: 75 Grams / 2.7 Ounce
Quick Pouch ADDED – Not Included :

Weight as shown empty : 1.25lbs

Size : Dimensions cm / inch:
Height – 25 / 9.8
Width – 18 / 7
Depth – 9 / 3.5

Volume: 4 Liter / 250 Cubic inches


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26 replies on “EDC Awesome – Sabra Gear Partner Pack Review”

Finally got it. Well designed for me. Carry option depends on what it's used for. It's not too big, but I'd also like a smaller option. The drop leg option is way more comfy than I thought it would be.

Paid less for Moab 6, worn for years as carry bag for tools and lunch to work and diaper bag for my boy when out and about. Man purse shouters can suck it.

Haha no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear or, planning! Anyway, love the bag, but agree with you on the cons, just too pricy for me…

i like how you say poop instead of some scientific name or something😂 and as a beginner i strangely am not afraid to go pretty much anywhere. i have gone very far from any civilization by myself and i’m 14 and i recently just spent about 300$ on backpacking gear so my pack is very heavy and i go backpacking whenever i am free from high school and your channel is what got me into backpacking your channel and @darwin onthetrail and i am just in love with the sport it has always seemed interesting to me and now that i’m out doing it it’s like a dream come true and i would love to be the youngest person to maybe backpack the entire pct trail maybe just maybe but thank you for helping me discover something i enjoy so much!!

Looks like a great bag, but way too expensive for me. Thanks for the look, and great review as always!

Way too expensive, I will stick to my Helikon-tex bandicoot 2lt, or the posumm 1lt waist pack made with Cordura and cost is around $32-$36.

Sorry, way to expensive. Unless your the Pentagon you won't pay that much for a nylon pouch. Way less expensive options out there.

Nice piece of gear – especially since it is so versatile but the cost seems prohibitive. Seems to me that you can get much of the same capability from a basic Army issue sustainment pack for just a few dollars

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