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CONDOR RIPPER KNIFE Review ( PLAN A little brother ) Shout Out to Arthur Gunn * Congratulations *

Really “ Diggin’ “ this Condor “ Ripper “ Fixed blade knife .
Nice addition to A- My Collection and B – The “ Plan A “ Bowie knife ( completes my set up ).
Compliments it well .
Shout Out to American Idol runner up contestant, ARTHUR GUNN ( from Nepal Kathmandu).
Where one of my favorite knife / blade smiths are located .
If you haven’t watched him perform on American Idol , you are missing out .
Check out this Link
Be safe as always everyone 🤠

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Your grandpa sounds a lot like mine, lol. Never could match him in whittling skills, but this one sounds like it would fit right in in my wood shop. Yeah, yeah. I got chisels, saws, and sanders galore; but nothing beats a good knife when you're cleaning out corners on a box or tray, or even just doing some rough smoothing on a piece you just finished cutting.

Ohhh I'm soooooo behind and lookie at your hair!! Holy crappp its getting long! looking good and good seeing you! I think Dbad is creating a lot of monsters but so are you! Lol we will be a bunch of BA monsters though no one will wanna mess with us lol! Looks like a solid knife definitely not a cheapie!! Thanks for sharing Cowboy C bop She bop she bop! 😊

Hey 👋been offline myself, trying to catch up some. Good to see a good ole C-bop review 🤠 and good to hear things are fine (but busy!) on your end. Have a good Memorial day♥︎ I’m heading over to check out that Idol CCR cover right now! ….

nice brother!i like the dad was an airborne ranger in vietnam.those big kabar knives were standard issue.he wanted something smaller and a helicopter pilot gave him his aviator survival knife.he ditched the big kabar and carried the smaller aviator blade in nam.hes going to refurbish it and make a sheathe and give it to me.when i was a kid and first blood came out.i wanted one of those 12 dollar bubble compass survival said they were junk and said hed make me one.i didnt believe him.a month or so later he brought me home a mini version of the aviator knife.teeth and leather handle and all!!i was floored.wish i still had it.i lost it as a kid somehow.he never showed me his knife and for good reason.i wouldve played with it and lost it in the woods too.take care brother👍✊🔪👏

Also check out Tops Longhorn Bowie ….I'm considering buying one , do I need it ? No but I certainly WANT it 😂 Its the coolest looking bowie I've ever seen.

Check out their BISONTE knife it has red and white liners and IMHO looks to be one excellent design.



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