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Imalent LD10 EDC Flashlight Kit Review!

Here is the Imalent LD10 EDC flashlight. This feature an OLED display for current light level and battery life. The display is easy to read. This also uses the world famous Cree XP-L HI LED for an amazing combination beam performance. The magnetic charging feature makes this easy to charge on the go. The 18350 battery is not replaceable. This makes for a perfect size EDC light. According to Imalent this can be used as a key chain light which to me personally its a bit big. The style and design of this light is smooth & sleek. The diffuser is great for table top use, including hanging it via the lanyard to illuminate a large room during an emergency or camping. This can be purchased for under $30. See link below to their Amazon store: (You can use my special discount code: Charles BridgTec to save you $$!)

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24 replies on “Imalent LD10 EDC Flashlight Kit Review!”

So I have a question. Would you go out and buy this light for the money or would you put a few more bucks with it and buy a different light as in a Olight S1R or S2R2

Ok now I have a question I have owned the LD10 and dropped it it from waist down on my keys , when I arrived home it doesn’t work the way it should it was in lockout and extremely hot , when I unlocked it , it goes to 10 lumens and 1,200 only…… I have to say I’m very disappointed in the quality and it’s not about the money . It’s about having something you really on. I have gone back again to my olight s1r Barton 2 , I have dropped this so many times but it’s still going , I would appreciate your feed back as you are the only person I’m subscribed to and value your opinion above all others, thank you Charles.

Hey Charles ….. I couldn’t help I bought this light because of you, and hey as per usual I’m not amazed, at all but it gives a good run for the money for a $40.00 light it kicks the ass of my olight s2r baton for range.
Well done Charles

Great flashlight. only that the on off button position quit hard to operate.Hope upgrade version of this they will design on off button like Thrunite T1. Good review.

Hello Charles im interested in your opinion of the new ld70? looks good for the 50dll price tag. Would you recommend to buy it?

Good video! I have three (3) of these lights. Two work and the first one is dead! It would never charge-in fact, it discharged the battery. Overall, I like the light's performance. I has a beautiful beam!

I like the light, but three things I find are very irritating.

–The charger never wants to line up on the pins and stay in place.
— The light shell needs some type of knurling or grip. It is slippery.
— The battery is not removable and I cannot figure out how to take the light apart to change the battery. This is a major issue!

nice video, sir.

can I ask a question? what is the different between Smooth reflector and Textured Refrector.

Great review as usual.  Amazing light from Imalent.   Mini thrower  able to reach your first palm tree.

Thanks for the review! There's a new ld70 from imalent 4000lm please make a review! Thanks!

Can you review the LD70 as soon as it comes out like next week. LD10 1200 lumens.. lD70 4000 Lumens!! 😃

Cool light. I'll check this one out. To bad the plug is proprietary though. Which new model is coming out? Thanks. Enjoyed as always.

For a great makeshift tabletop diffuser, peel the label off an empty prescription pill bottle and use the bottle. It wont fit all lights, but when it does, it works great, with a nice warm color.

Nice to see a small edc light with some throw to it! I like that they include a diffuser. Too bad the display didn't give a runtime estimate on each mode like the Nitecore tup though.

I wanted this light because I hate floody edc, I want throw. But: the tail magnet can't keep it up, the usb charger it's an issue, battery can't be replaced. Beautiful but too many cons.

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