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Fancii Foldable Pocket Utility Knife Review

Heavy duty, sharp, and compact; blades are easy to change, has a nice heft to it.

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I have now had 2 of this exact blade. The first one I had was great! No real problems with it. Sad to say I dropped it down into a compactor and that is why I have had 2 now. The second one the actual lock on the razor broke, so the blade slips out. Bought a third cutter from "Fancii" different model, same thing happened. Anyone know how to fix this? I like this brand, but sick of that lock not working.

I didn't realize until watching this that the thing doesn't do a decent job of folding closed. All these clear nods to the Milwaukee Fastback and it can't do the most important thing right. Disappointing. Also, please don't trifle with that silly little blade guard for the rest of that knife's life, just throw that thing away already.

My wife bought one of these for me through Amazon.  Almost as soon as she made the order, she got an e-mail from John who said:

Thank you so much for ordering
our FC Folding Utility
Knife ! 

My name is John, and I’m the
owner of Fancii & Co. I just wanted to personally drop in and thank you for
your order. We aren’t a huge corporation who doesn’t care; I’m a regular small
business owner who works very hard to make an honest living and cares very much
about your experience. With that, please know that I am here for you if you
need anything at all and I genuinely care about your satisfaction more than


Your package is being prepped
for shipment and will shortly be on its way to your doorstep. We cannot wait
for you to try it out!


If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please
contact us immediately by replying to this email. I will personally make sure
that we resolve all your concerns. I want you to know that I truly am here to
help in any way possibleI wrote him to say the knife, which I like, does not fit in the holster – what am I doing wrong?In spite of his seeming care, I got no response from him, nor has my wife.Interesting

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