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Xituo Chef's Knife Review From AliExpress – 7Cr17Mov Stainless Steel

In this video I’m reviewing a Cheap AliExpress Chef’s knife from Xituo, the core material is made from a 7Cr17Mov stainless steel material.

The knife is artificially created by the manufacturer and is not handmade. The information on the seller’s page is minimal but you can find the same knife on other stores in AliExpress with an extra logo on the endcap of the handle.

Xituo Chef’s knife 7Cr17Mov Stainless Steel specifications”:
Weight: 223g
Handle: Wooden Handle
Endcap: No Logo
Handle length: 125mm
Blade length: 21mm
Blade width: 45mm
Total Lenght: 333.5mm
Thickness: 2.6mm
Core Material: 7Cr17Mov
HRC: 56/57 (during my testing).

The knife store I bought this knife from is Xituo (For around $1 or $2 extra you can get an edge guard with your order):

Another knife store with an Endcap handle logo Glitzy Store:

PS: I only have experience with Xituo Store No.2 and not Glitzy Store so I don’t know the reliability of the store but you are always protected by the AliExpress buyer protection.

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7 replies on “Xituo Chef's Knife Review From AliExpress – 7Cr17Mov Stainless Steel”

I own a xi tuo knife.
Very good knife, always sharp but…. the wooden handle needs work.
It shrunked.
Bad quality of the wood

Hello! Have you tried the « nakiri » knife from the same producer? I have bought it since the chef knife was good rqp according to you. Though I think it is more a strange santoku than a nakiri…

@Me I don't know what is happening with the youtube comment system but I got your comment that has been cut off by the notification bar.

So I can't read it completely.

So I can only answer a few,

7cr17 steel is good but most of the Cr types of steel are dependent on the manufacturer/brand. So I would suggest not to buy them blindly.
That being said Xinzuo is doing a great job in maintaining the same quality for the Cr steel-types. Note Xinzuo manufacturer is making a lot of knives for brands like YarenH, Trurwho, and more.

The 1.1446 german steel is pretty consistent in terms of quality, the Rockwell, on the other hand, is considered a bit low but for a budget price/knife it is worth it.

Now don't get confused with the German Steel made in China VS knife brands like Wusthof or Zwilling. There are a few factors why it won't be able to compete with those knives.
First is the thickness and therefore adding durability to the knife, German knives are thicker. Then you have the spine distal taper, wich most Chinese manufacturers forget.
the last thing is the handle design (which is different for each series and manufacturer on AliExpress).

But considering the price of $10 to $20 you get a great value for the knife that they deliver, and that includes the handle material of G10, Pakkawood, etc.

As for 7cr17 steel VS German 1.1446 the difference is minimal, and depending on the brand/manufacturer of the 7cr steel. Some are better, some are the same and sometimes a bit worse than German steel.

This version, for example, is slightly better than the german version from Mokithand for example. However, the wood and the cheaper hammered finish and mirror finish that is hard to maintain is a downside.

Of course, the review above is with considering the price point. These 2 steel types are budget-friendly knives, great for the value and you can do what you want to practice sharpening, etc.
They are both easy to sharpen and with a few honing it gets the sharpness back very quick.

But don't get confused the AUS10, 10Cr versions are better but the price is also going up to around $50 instead of around $20. What you get in return is better edge retention, most of the time better aesthetics too.

That's all I can answer for now. feel free to ask more or to add the questions that have been lost in the notification section.

(Hope I can see the complete question instead of the notification bar)

@Razor Thank you for your nice comment. (I could not read it all it was in my notifications but can't find it in the comment section). It cut off at ''shar…''
So I guess you mentioned sharpening videos but not sure.

Thank you for the support <3

Happy New Year!!! 2020!!!

Thank you all for subscribing and for giving me feedback and video suggestions.
In 2020 I plan to upload one video per week instead of on/off uploading after weeks or months.
I also got a lot of suggestions about a knife sharpening video's which includes soaking stones, ceramic, diamond plates, etc.
I will figure out how to make a video that explains everything in detail.

Japanese knives, some of you already know or have seen a few of my Japanese handmade knives and requested a review for them, A review is also in the planning for those knives but since the knives are a completely different kind and price range than the Chinese knives on this channel I need to figure out how to present those knives to you guys.

I also got a request about Chinese cleavers, I have tested a few and a review will come too.

For the rest, I plan to continue with knife reviews but I also want to start a cooking guide which will explain what knife and tools I will use for a specific recipe.
I would like to create an educational recipe guide where I explain the ingredients and knives that I choose to use. I hope that by doing this you guys will understand the differences between knives like a Santoku, Yanagiba, Deba, Cleavers, etc. (This cooking format is not complete and I'm figuring it out on the go so any feedback of what you would love to see is appreciated).

Transparency: In 2020 and in the last video you will notice that I will put Disclosures on my videos, I got a few knives and equipment gifted to me and I do find it important that you guys know what was gifted or bought with my own money before watching a review video. Of course, I will be as honest as possible with the reviews, therefore I always tell the brand that sends things over for a review that they won't get a preview of the video and that I will say everything about the product either good or bad. And if they can't agree with it then I tell them not to send anything and I will buy the product myself.

Thank you all for the support, feedback, suggestions, and comments.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2020, and may you all be blessed with good health, prosperity, and happiness in the new year!!! 🙂

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