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What I Choose for a Survival Knife | Most Important Part of Your Survival Kit

What I Choose for a Survival Knife | Most Important Part of Your Survival Kit
American made survival knives are extremely well build, necessary for any bug out bag and can be had with a budget in mind! Let’s review.

The best knife for SHTF is one that can outlast you. Everyone who is prepping for SHTF should know that your knife is the most important thing in your bug out bag. And if that’s the case, we need to make smart purchases when it comes to the number one tool we own. What knives should SHTF preppers buy? And what is the best all around knife for SHTF? Here is a list of the knives featured in this video to boost your bug out bag 2020 with Amazon affiliate links that will help support this channel with each purchase:

Buck Knives Vanguard:
KA-BAR Fighting/Utility Knife:
OKC Spec Plus Alpha:
KA-BAR Becker BK2:

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27 replies on “What I Choose for a Survival Knife | Most Important Part of Your Survival Kit”

Good variety and choices l have the K bar, l collect knives but it's not about me, l dont have that harpoon and it's nice. You need a knife and you build from there.

GLAD TO SEE "American made" knives ! So many knives now are "made in China" – some good, most not.

personal favorite of mine that I still use as of the day is the U.S.N. MARK 1 PAL RH-35 (KA-BAR).

I like your choices. A knife is a tool. You wouldn't use a hammer to turn a screw. Don't use a 12 inch bowie as your edc. Life is about choices.

Keep a sharpening kit, ferro rod, and magnesium bar with your knife. I have the kbar and RTAK 2.

Great video. And I can see (and hear) that you got the lav mic. The difference is like night and day. Would love to hear what your thoughts are on advanced food storage. I know you have done some before but I am trying to evaluate medium term storage options (MRE vs Cans). Have the short term and the long term. Really diving into layering and would love to hear what you are doing. Keep the videos coming.

Your most important survival tool is your mind set . If you cant turn on the cold blooded murderer part of your brain your wasting your time. This is not a game

I love my: Cold Steel Wild West Bowie!!!

But the Cold Steel Drop Forged Series are an option.

The drop forged

And I EDC the boot knive aswell in my Meind Army Pro Combat Boots.

Greetings from the Netherlands!


Awesome video bro. You know me I have accumulated a lot of high end stuff. I really like my Medford knives for sure but there are plenty of great options at a great price. Awesome video bro!

Serrated knives will do more damage than a straight edge. Ripping does more damage.

Very useful infos, I'm keeping them in mind for when I'm buying a knife for myself. Shame they're all american, I'd prefer buying something made in a european country.

I know a guy who is ex military said he used a Kabar for 20 years, and it's still in working condition. Hasn't fallen apart. I bough 2, and strapped them to my rig. I bought a Dog head, and Tanto.

I carry a Cold Steel Wild West Bowie. And a Buck 102 Woodsmen and a Buck 119Special. I love my Bowie. I use it every day.

All USA knives used in Holland here,..

You are doing a great job!!

Keep it up!!

Greetings from the Netherlands,..


Excellent vid as usual.. u sound like your bunged up lol.. get well soon m8… greetings from the UK 👍

Well, I watch almost all of your videos, but for survival, I was thinking EDC . The K Bar type is of course survival, but I think about cleaning deer and squirrels. To me,a survival my survival" knife is my EDC, which is always a SOG, usually the serrated Flash II. You got me thinking, I want to try out something new that they have, I'm looking..

USMC MTech USA , best knife I have found . Also toss in a filet knife , you can shave with one of those.

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