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How to disassemble and maintain the Steel Will Scylla Pocketknife

Today, we’ll take apart a knife that’s pretty unusual in form, but pretty vanilla in construction, the Steel Will Knives Scylla.

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I got my Steel Will Avior today from Atlantic knives. It's a beauty ! as virtuovoice would say. Yes I need those tools badly.

Depending on the amount of units produced, for certain scales, a one step mold/cast or press makes more sense than drilling/machining each hole/countersink.

Definitely not Seel Will's finest… but an interesting piece nonetheless…
Thanks for the tutorial…

I just wanna say that having a loud bike can be more about safety. A lot of the time people don't see you coming but can at least hear you coming. But people who just rev for no reason in parking lots are douches.

Just so you know Nick, I'm an English teacher in Turkey and I've sent a couple of my fellow addict students to your channel. Despite your ridiculous accent they understand you perfectly well!

And for my first impression, if I had to choose a color palate for a knife to look like a toy I would start with Scylla. The blue scales and dark blade tone are like the left over colors no one else wanted when Hobby Lobby was raided for Covid supplies.

The mailman walks by, sees a weirdo wearing a Halloween mask through the window with a jeweler glass jammed in his mask eyehole. What goes through his thoughts at that moment?

Hey nick, are you planning on doing a review of the real steel/poltergeist luna?
It's a slippie and a gem of a knife, if you haven't seen it yet, you should take a look!

That prying tool is called a spudger. I mention this only because I rarely get a chance to say “spudger.”

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