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Aspire Quad-flex Survival Kit Review & Giveaway

Get the Quad-Flex Survival Kit:

This is an awesome “4-in-1” kit thats allows you to build an RDA, clearomizer, RDTA and squonker by assembling different parts. Overall, excellent value for money and everything works flawlessly.

Plus. its a whole lot of fun!

If you only want the RDA / Squonk / RTDA and don’t give a damn about the Nautilus-X, they have a cheaper version:

The “Quad-flex Power Kit” is cheaper by $10.

If you love squonking, here are 17 other RDAs you can check out:


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21 replies on “Aspire Quad-flex Survival Kit Review & Giveaway”

Be careful with this device, don’t buy it! The isolator will melt , it happened to me twice. Aspire advices to buy a new deck… not recommended

Jack of all trades master of none! I don't believe there's a serious vaper out there who only ownes one tank/RTA, so what's the point of this Frankenstein's monster you can't even fill properly.

handling that thing, especially refilling it is always a pain in the butt – regret buying this. i wonder if he`s sponsored by them, talking so well about it?

What a fantastic review. Been thinking of this and now I might pull the trigger. Thanks for a great review.

great review I love how you have options always feels like you get more for your money an seems like a good one aspire make good stuff too thanks geekay

Nice Review 👍🏻 It's a quite good Idea with this Options. The only Thing I miss is a Fillingport in RDTA Mode. It's not so great to unscrew the Deck each Time. But this is the only Con.

@Geekay Vapes IMO Aspire should have put the Atlantis EVO coil in here…or atleast made a Nautilus X version and an Atlantis version for the subohm tanks….what do you think?

Oh this one I would love to get, but then I don't have a facebook 🙁 suck's tbh, anyway, THNX for great review!

Great review bro ! It's called the U-tech coil due to the top air flow comes in from the top down the coil and back up the coil to your "mouth hole " …

hey brother can you do a review on the Milspec Aspire starter kit pls I trust your judgement

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