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U.K Legal Carry Folding Knife Review

U.K Legal Carry Folding Knife Review, uk legal, no lock slipjoint knife, perfect for edc in the u.k.
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10 replies on “U.K Legal Carry Folding Knife Review”

If you haven't yet bought one, get the Boker Plus Worldwide. Really firm backspring and only about £25 from Heinnie Haynes. Mine came bastard sharp, too. Could draw funny looks if you pull it in Costa to cut up a sammidge, though 😉

Are locking knives now banned now in the temporarily united communist kingdom of toriland ???, As if so glad I am never living there man

It's certainly excellent for the price, but I'd be a bit leery about using it in public. It looks a bit villainous tbh, and someone might call the plod on you. And what the Plod might make of that could end up being a bit iffy. Even if it is technically legal carry, it does look rather " weaponish ". Of course, at one time, no-one would have batted an eye at it. But nowadays things are somewhat different.

I just got a sanrenmu cos of your last review m8, I used your code. I got the wharmcliffe version. What does the non portable version of this look like?

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