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NEW Benchmade Knives for Summer 2020 at Blade HQ

Zac is kicking off our 2020 Spectacular Knife Weekend by talking to Troy from Benchmade about some new knives for summer 2020. Check out Benchmade knives here:

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Knives in order of appearance:

0:00 Intro

1:01 Osborne 9400 :

3:34 Mediator:

5:24 Tengu Tool:

9:32 Mini Freek:

11:27 85 Bali-song:

14:22 Osborne 940:

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27 replies on “NEW Benchmade Knives for Summer 2020 at Blade HQ”

Tengu is ridiculously overpriced. I wouldn't buy the clone either but jeez make this 40-60.

That benchmade 85 is sweet but seriously for $500+ can't include a black leather sheath?these companies are getting too comfortable with people throwing $200+ on knives and cheaping out here and there with little things like that and getting away with it because people are putting up with it

I have the 940-1 . . . I dont like it! . . . I have the 940-2 . . . 😏 . . . Buddy . . . That thing is perfextíon!!!

One thing ive learned about any youtube channel that talks about knives.. dont buy any of that shit. Theyr all worthless junk and their whole job is just to oversell useless crappy knives. Buy an extrema ratio and never need a knife again

Lol. Thats such a little sissy bitch knife. I want to chop it in half with my 4-max. Benchmade is marketing to sheeple.

With ballet songs on S9-TV I'm not sure if I'm watching a knife video or a new netflix special!?!?
The captions weren't in sync with the lingo today AT ALL!!!😂😂😂

I love bench made knives. But their current lineup is pretty boring compared to some of the things they were doing 6 years ago.

Homeboy Zach- you seem like such a good dude- I appreciate all the content. You gotta relax on the camera though! You don’t gotta laugh at everything!

I love my 940-1, I swear to the knife gods that if Benchmade ever makes a fixed 940, I don't care the price I'd buy it day one.

180 for 1 1/8” ish length of blade. I’ll never buy benchmade again. For sure the prices are high on everything.

Finally a Benchmade auto with a good clip. I broke the clip on my Phaeton twice before buying my own replacement.

I’ll take a boker for $200 less benchmade is overpriced an it’s not even really fancy steal. I’m a man my knives are always bigger then 3 inches. Guess that’s for the skinny jean don’t know which bathroom to use. Yep benchmade is not my thing

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