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The Best Mini Pocket Knives for EDC of 2020 at KnifeCenter

Although we always think “bigger is better,” a smaller blade is often all you really need, especially if you are going back into the office. Check out the best little pocket knives of 2020 here:

The options these days are many, so we’ve rounded up the best “mini” knives you can get your hands on today, all with blades less than 3-inches long… small enough to ride easy in your pocket but large enough that you can always get things done!

Featured Knives
Benchmade Mini-Griptilian (and full-size Griptilian):
Spyderco Dragonfly 2:
Kershaw Scallion:
Steel Will Modus Mini (and full-size Modus):
Boker Plus Subcom:
Kizer Sheepdog Mini (and full-size Sheepdog):
DPx Gear HEAT/F:
Boker Plus Urban Trapper Petite (and full-size Urban Trapper):
Michael Zieba MS3:
Chris Reeve Mnandi:
Rike Knife Hummingbird:

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11 replies on “The Best Mini Pocket Knives for EDC of 2020 at KnifeCenter”

Spydie Dragonfly in H1, yellow scales. EDC. Love it. But for truly small Spyderco’s it is rather large….
(Cricket, Ladybug in H1, hawksbill serrated edge, Bug, Ladybug and a Spyderco Spin Blue Nishijin….. I like my little spydie’s)

Hey KC team!! What is going on with your lefty section? It is hurtin for certain. I speak for all the lefties out there, please update it and get some stuff for us southpaws, we’ll buy them I promise.

Fox Baby Core is new but it should be on this list. I have a Mini-Sheep dog, the Kershaw and the Baby Core. I like the baby core better than the others hands down.

I love to watch this guy and see the knifes but I’m sorry 400.00 for a knife somebody’s crazy and it ain’t me bro.

How do you not have the Kershaw Chive on your table. It's really a great tiny knife
You do have the Scallion which is basically a lrge Chive. My Father IL carries the chive and has for 15 yrs. Every one I've seen comes as sharp as a razor

Any knife that cost over $400 better come with a gun, please tell who would spend that amount for a pocket knife just to cut up cardboard

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