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Swiss Army Fieldmaster Knife Review

Swiss Army Knife Fieldmaster Model Review. This is a great all-around camp knife and a perfect companion to your main bushcraft or survival knife.

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Bryan, I know this video is quite old but, they flame the notch in the bottle opener is for stripping insulation off of wire.

Got the link to watch this from your email. Man, it’s wild watching this. You’re the same guy but your camera skill & presence has grown. At any rate, thanks for making all your videos. They help πŸ‘

check out tortoise gears small ferro rods that go where the tothpick is. Much more useful! Also, there is a small hole under the philipshead, where you can put a straight pin (for poking blisters, for example)

Some Victorinox owners simply don't know how to use the tools to full potential, each tool has at least two listed uses, each tool has multiple uses , far beyond listed uses, anyone worth there credit will say ,after a whistle, get a victorinox, ,,,one single tool , multiple applications, simply genuis.

Recently picked up a Sportsman, and I think it's great, but this Fieldmaster or Huntsman might serve me better in the bush. The Ranger looks good, too, but it's a bit bulkier. Would genuinely miss my nail file, though.

Great video as usual. Apart from opening wine bottles, the corkscrew is useful for untying very tight knots e.g. a bootlaces or a knot made with twine if the twine needs to be saved and not just cut. In civilisation it can be used to remove staples and save the nails πŸ™‚

Probably the best all round model. I wouldn't have that much use for scissors in the wilds so I like the cheaper model called the "hiker" which is the same but without the hook and the scissors, and is more compact. I agree that the corkscrew is useless. The French / Swiss / Southern Europeans might be more of a wine culture so perhaps it's more useful to them. The model that is identical to this, but with a corkscrew instead of the screwdriver, is called the Huntsman, and is more widely available.

Strangely the Fieldmaster is not always available in the UK – not a popular model even though it's one of the best IMO.

This looks like a good knife but i am kind of nervous about getting it because the blade does it lock. Should i get this or a one hand trekker.

I was poking around on utube looking at videos and came across yours. Great video and a great knife. Subbed!

I would like to take this opportunity to implore you to bring back the beard! Also, you started out like a pro! I look back on my early videos and they're stinkers!

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