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Hampton Forge Tomodachi Knife Review (HMC01E550S) I Episode 34

Check out this Hampton Forge HMC01E550S Tomodachi Knife Review! 5 knives that look sweet for under $30!
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Hampton Forge HMC01E550S Tomodachi Titanium Cutlery Set, 10-Pieces

6 replies on “Hampton Forge Tomodachi Knife Review (HMC01E550S) I Episode 34”

**Update** It's been about 4 months now, the knives have lost a bit of sharpness but they aren't that dull. Also the small tip of the small blue knife has bent. 🙁 But, over all these knives are still my go to for easy daily use.

My set had an 8 inch purple bread knife and a 5 inch red tomato knife, they are both SUPER serrated and just superb!

My bff/roommate got me a 14 pc. Tomodachi floral printed knife set (7 knives with covers) and he doesn't touch them. They're mine to use when I'm cooking and stays in a large plastic tumbler atop the microwave, and not in a drawer. After using one, it doesn't get put in the sink with everything else nor goes in the dishwasher, but gets hand washed then dried and put away. I wash drying one and it sliced my index finger. I love my Tomodachi knives as they're a quality item and sharp as hell.

I enjoyed the video but not the music. The music was irritating. You don't need background music when you're doing a video like this. The little pop up graphics are hilarious… esp selfie monkey. Hahah

I just bought a similar set and I was wondering after using them for a couple months, how have they stood up to the every day wear and tear of use?

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