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Canteen Survival Kit – SD Classic

Having ready access to drinking water is critical for survival – especially if you’re spending a lot of time exerting yourself physically. That’s why a good canteen is something every prepper should have.

In this video, Alan Kay demonstrates how a basic canteen can be upgraded to include some extra survival items with a little design ingenuity. Check out Alan’s canteen survival kit!



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20 replies on “Canteen Survival Kit – SD Classic”

I don't like the kidney shaped canteens myself and won't spend $100+ for any canteen. But the basic idea of kit is sound. I've carried a similar kit based on a Maxpedition bottle bag for about 12 years.

Very nice kit no doubt….but too much $$$ for this poor guy..
My canteen bag is and old pair of overalls that I cut all the pockets out off and sewed them together.
It ain't pretty but it's got a pocket for everything. Cost.0$

$300 for a canteen kit????????? No Ty. been in and out of the mountains for nearly forty years now and have never needed one that expensive.

If you add a rocket stove to this then you have a nice compact survival kit for sterilizing water and/ or cooking food. But it is just a bit too small for a backpack trip therefore it wont gain a following.

I've had this canteen cover for quite a few years now and really like it. I use my Pathfinder SS bottle, nesting cup and stove instead of the titanium canteen that's shown in this video.

Has anyone checked the actual WEIGHT differences between plastic, stainless steel & titanium canteens?

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