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Buck 780 knife review

A folder with a blade that kills. Sweet EDC!

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Looking forward to your DBAD custom knife video I also got my knife project done and it looks awesome, I sent a picture of it to COWBOY C BOP.

That damn thumb hole is as sharp as the blade lol but I love the design and blade shape . Mine came radically sharp out of the pack also . Buck makes killer blades

I love the words you choose to describe this beauty:
“ Stout and Menacing “.
Who wouldn’t want to own this with that definition haha .
As always … Great Stuff !!
Side note – I swear I had a dream about Buck Knives last night .
Don’t know which ones but I remember a green type color .
Crazy 😜!!! Might of been this one ??? And I never knew about this …..
Some Twilight Zone shit going on brother hahaha

Havent been feeling good the past day or so. Dont worry, bro. It's not what you think. It's just been the hot weather up here in upper Minnesota. I've loved Buck knives since I was a kid. This one looks great, bro. Who's the blade smith making your next one?

Another great review my friend, I've had this buck 780 for a few years and love it, it's held up well. Only issue is it fights for pocket time against all my other bucks….lol

Nice knife dude . Hope you and your family are okay with this silly corona virus. Stay safe my friend

I bet the finger with the ring is the strongest of all. A muscle finger.

if you took off the watch, or the ring. would your hand fall off, or your finger?
PS. can you ever buy a lawn mower and show us around your house and garden this?

I thank I'll get one ,I like the modified tip you spoke of it looks as if it will work well slicing up garlic and it doesn't appear to be a knife that need to be babied. Walmart hear I come to get me one.😎

My last name is Buck so I love there knives ,I found that Buck knife at walmart 2 years ago and love it ,nice review ,I own5 different Buck blades ,and you can free hand open it real easy

I have never been disappointed with any of my Buck knives. I like that one, but the 120 General with Cocobolo and brass is the next Buck on my list!

I think it’s a Walmart exclusive knife but I could be wrong. But I do work at Walmart and one of my managers gave me this knife for free! He had it but then got something he liked better so he just gave it to me because he knows I like knives as well! But I love this blade! I EDC it at work all the time!

I freakin love your reviews brother nobody and I mean nobody does it the way you do that’s why I love you brother and allways will no matter what!! By the way I like to throw my knifes with the blade in my hand and mostly they bite ! Take care brother 👍🏻🥰and I want your blade when it’s out

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