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WE Banter by Ben Petersen Full Review and Comparison

When I said “ball bearing pivots” I meant washers.

When I said Ben made videos about mermaid knives, I meant BladeHQ.

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12 replies on “WE Banter by Ben Petersen Full Review and Comparison”

I noticed the background mat… Can you send me a picture of that for my reference? Godspeed…

It does have a sort of ancient, primitive design, like something found at an archeological dig… which I kinda like.

Hi how is the black coating? I really like the look but really hate most that scratch easily and don’t wear well? It hard to tell in your video if those are wear and scratches or lighting and finger prints? Please let me know? I appreciate it!!!

It’s ok and would probably be a good EDC if I didn’t have so many that were just a bit better. Anybody who gets a chance to do this is lucky and I’m a bit tempted to buy one. I haven’t tried a WE but think they’re great for what they are.

I’m in line to get this too and will do my own review on my channel when I get it. Like I need another freakin knife but this one seems to check a lot (not all) the boxes for me.

Excellent review man. I really enjoyed the info and thought process of it. It made me want the knife even more…really hoping I can get one.

To me it appears to look like a larger much nicer Crkt squid. Similar design concepts to me. I can’t wait to get my hands on this knife. It will for sure be my new edc. Ben you did a great job.

That looks like a little kid’s knife. Definitely not for me, but I’m sure some people will like it.

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