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The Muji Fountain Pen Review | Should This Pen Be In Your EDC Rotation?

A review of the Muji Fountain Pen from Muji Stores Japan. It’s an aluminum pen with a good Schmidt nib.

MUJI Fountain Pen available in the US at:
The Hong Dian Black Forest:

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15 replies on “The Muji Fountain Pen Review | Should This Pen Be In Your EDC Rotation?”

Some have commented that the pen does not last very long. That is the only thing that keeps me from buying one, as it literally checks ALL of my boxes. And the fact that I have absolutely no use for any more dang pens.

My muji is crap. So dry it never starts and won’t write evenly and requires a lot of pressure. I’ve tried to open up the nib with a brass sheet and have given it a thorough cleaning. I’ve given up.

Hello James, I hope you have a good time. I have a question please. Are the nibs on this muji pen and the Hong Dian black forest removable/ replaceable?

Do u recommend a k2 or k5 converter rather than the standard cartridges? Also, what’s the difference between the k2 and k5?

This would be an excellent EDC, especially if, like me, you're clumsy and bang your things around when you travel. It's great for lending, since it's just a straightforward writer and, for the price, you won't feel too bad if it gets busted. Thanks for the review!

I prefer more robust pens. The Muji is too much like a pencil. Regarding your remark about using a fountain pen to "show off": I use gel ballpoint pens on two occasions: To fill out forms, and to lend someone who wants to borrow a pen. The people most likely to comment on my use of a fountain pen are orientals, mid-easterners, or Europeans; people from those cultures are more likely to have been REQUIRED to use them in school.

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