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Knife Review: Honshu (Budget) Tanto

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A budget alternative to Cold Steel’s O-Tanto, the United Honshu Tanto features a 10.7 inch long blade, 440 stainless steel, hollow grind, full tang, and textured rubber overmold handle. Price around $36.

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I can get one about this size in carbon steel wooden handle for ~55$, or a carbon steel khyber knife same size for less.

What grade of 440? 440C is actually fairly decent, 440A is nearly junk, on the level of plain-Jane 420…

i got the United Black Honshu Fighter very nice one 
black looks nice too and yeah cold steel its crazy in holland it cost like 600euro for Cold Steel Magnum Tanto XII 

I have a Honshu budget taipan i think United Cutlery makes beautiful knifes but to bad they use 440 steel, is not a bad steel but is not great either.

5:00 – "It's probably not well heat treated that well either". Exactly, blackforestghost1 made an abuse test of this blade (watch?v=_4zdtzKNQ8A) and it broke while batoning. Now I know that this blade it's not made for batoning but I'm sure that you understand the point of making an abuse test to see how much the blade can hold on. In my mind this is a trainnig/novelty blade.

In most cases, I'd rather go with the more traditional tanto shaped blade like the Honshu, especially with a longer blade like this. If it's a shorter knife like the Cold Steel Kobun then the secondary point is fine. But in a longer blade, I like it to be more like a combat katana. This definitely fits.

Huh, I never really realized how short a sword the tanto was until I saw this vid, thanks. It's more of a short short sword than anything… unless this is a small tanto @.@
How long is the actual blade though, cause from as far as I can tell, it looks to be about 8-9 inches long.

you Should check out the Sog toothlock if you have not it is a rather small blade. But it is almost as smooth as the arch lock is on the top line sogs are.

This is the first Honshu that I purchased, I wanted to compare it to the CS Magnum Tanto that I received a year or so ago from 1 of my son-inlaw ! that is an awesome specimen and is prominently displayed in my collection. This Honshu was a very nice surprise, it is well made, a good looking blade, fairly sharpm feels great in my hand and should I ever decide to take it camping would not feel bad about using it! Actually my BK9 is what goes in the field with me LOL. Nice review once again!

Thank you Herb, quite a resume you have :] People would be amazed to know who is out there watching, I talk to lot of vets and combat vets, and have listened to their experiences and learned much.

nice!! It dose look pritty badass. you should see some of the desrution tests by Paul Southren on some of the non differentially hardened blade forged from 9260 Silicon Alloy Spring Steel blades, of which im pritty sure that Tanto is a member

It looks pretty badass. I have the Cheness Mountain Guardian Katana and Wakizashi, and they are very good. I'm going to review the Cheness Wakizashi next month.

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