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tops/buck csar-t knife review

knife review of tops /buck knife

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I see its been awhile since this was posted….how has it held up..and was there any blade play when you first received it?

@mvertorano It says on the website they are used for prying and such, like bending/twisting wire. Makes sense to me. PS good review! I ordered one shortly after :D.

@ITSMETHEFLASH Flash, if you are doing a lot of prying, check out countycomm's website. they have very small pry bars that would be perfect for the situation you gave. they are small, very light weight, strong, and they don't cost very much. Those will save your knife and are well worth it. also, the blade on this knife is so thick that it isn't the best slicer, an endura with the ffg is perfect, even the saber ground would be good.

I've been eyeing this knife for a while now. I love how thick the blade is and overbuilt the entire knife is. I've already spent too much money this month on knives, lol… so I guess it'll have to wait until next time. Thanks for the review!

Thanks for taking the time to do the review. I've been trying to learn more about this knife ever since I first saw a picture of it.

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