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Encountering a Dude with Knife in a Dark Alley…( Modlite Review)

Sometimes you come across shady characters in dark places, which makes your light of choice all the more important. Big Tex Outdoors sent out some Modlites (PLHv2 and OKW) for me to review and I compared them with my Surefire (EDC-L2 and M600DF) lights.

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12 replies on “Encountering a Dude with Knife in a Dark Alley…( Modlite Review)”

Those batteries that have the charging port in them generally have less Milliamp Hours (charge capacity)

My phone is my admin light. I’m still rocking the Streamlight HLX as my EDC handheld with a Thyrm

Modlite gang 🤘🏼 I personally EDC the PLHv2/modlite handheld/switchback and have the OKW on my fighting/home defense rifle. Nothing at the moment can touch their throw and hotspot. Solid review.

Welcome to the mod life. It’s crazy how much more of an impression these lights make in person.

Actually just got my plhv2 in today from big Tex, I’m going to put it on my pdw/truck gun, I wanted something with decent flood but that could also break through light barriers. Oh, and thanks for saving me like $40.

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