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WE Banter Knife Review

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19 replies on “WE Banter Knife Review”

That's a nice knife for my son he's 10.
I carry the cold steel voyager vaquero XL serrated , Aus 10A steel not your office knife but Idc!🤷🏻‍♂️

Aww come on… The SXB is very discrete!
Though I have to know now… where's the can this pry open Cliff's front door test? S35V is awesome though! I have a few S30V I like.

I admit, I personally like that blue color. It gives you a grey man look and doesn't draw attention like a black handle does.

If it were light gray, or had a beautiful wood handle, I'd consider it. I hate pastel colors!

Also, the Bible tells us we shouldn't be living in the cities in the last days, which we are already in. Even if you don't believe, nobody can doubt that the cities are imploding, the last month's events prove my point. If your job is in the city, at the very least you need to move out of the city and just commute!

Also: Nobody who wants to defend knife or gun rights should EVER buy a Benchmade. Benchmade gives substantially to anti-freedom Demorat politicians and supports gun confiscation/destruction.

Have a blessed day!

nice! I love my bugout for EDC, but was thinking it would be fun to have something else comparable just to mix it up a bit.
….. and here you are. 🙂 Thanks for the demo!

I guess you and I differ in that respect, I carry the Benchmade Adamas Automatic. I really do not care if I offend dirty lefties. That is why I live in Arizona. I also like to carry a mans knife, that is how Ben Peterson and I differ as well, he likes little girl knives.

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