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TS43X Sei Signature EDC Pistol | In-Depth Review

TS43X –



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23 replies on “TS43X Sei Signature EDC Pistol | In-Depth Review”

Just wanted to double check on the optic milling. Is that specifically for the rmsc or will it also fit similar size optics. Also did you upgrade your lense to the glass to help with the concerns of scuffing or stick with the basic hard coated polymer?

It’s not in my budget but that doesn’t mean I can’t give credit where it’s due, your 43x is 🔥 congrats

Talon, thank you bros for great videos and happy for you, I wanted to say please make a 17 with MOS cut, for us Aussies and other countries.

Tooling is very expensive when you cut the slide out and hence the cost

Some folks complain about the cost, but considering they taking out the hassle of ordering all these extras and packages. Y’all just saving us the hassle. I love it. !

I think your the most responsible person on YouTube I really enjoy your videos on EDC gear its inspired me to be more organized and has been really entertaining thanks man👍

ok not in the top 10 but somewhere between 10-50 i can live with that!!! cannot wait Talon, so pumped for you on this project and hope you keep working on more, would love to shoot with you some day!

Big congrats on the release and the positive turn out Talon. I think it would be pretty cool if you run into someone who ordered this at the next training event you guys hold.

Absolutely can’t wait for mine! Congrats on living out your dreams and creating your own masterpiece! Keep on doing you bro!

Hey brother, did you have to modify your Kydex holster to fit the upgrades made to the 43x or were you able to use your existing holster?

As a weapons engineer for the military and currently stationed in Afghanistan, I'm definitely one of the people who share the same interests and i'm definitely excited to see how she runs when mine gets done.. again congrats on your first creation, cant wait to see what the future holds!

Congratulations Talon on the success of your signature pistol!!! Looks great! I'm still surprised it's not all black. Keep up the great content! Enjoy your weekend and we'll see you in the next #dopestvloginthegame

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