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Leatherman Leap Multi-tool Unboxing and Review for Kid's EDC (Every Day Carry)




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It has a removable blade but the saw is not removable. I'd probably buy a Juice or Squirt instead for a kid.

I do find it interesting that there is a bottle opener on a kids tool, as normal sodas generally don't come like that anymore. Only place I've seen them in the last 10 years has been an old fashioned Italian sub shop. As far as TSA even without the saw, a lot of people have had tools seized just for having a flat head screwdriver. Unfortunately one of those "digression" policies instead of purely on paper. Have a Wave but may get the green one of these just for the heck of it.

Great review.  Like seeing all the colors in one vid.  Wish Leatherman had made all the lock functions installable.  Tweezers are great idea (use my Swiss army knife tweezers all-the-time).  Glad to know about your TSA opinion.  Once installed is the knife blade removable?  If so, show us how…

I was thinking of buying this for myself until I discovered that it's plastic instead of metal casing.
I like the green color. On their website, it looks metallic.

I have a Leatherman Leap of my own, in the color red, and I was messing around with it after watching your review and found out you can not remove the knife blade. I checkee the Leatherman Leap site on and saw that the Leap is not TSA approved. My safety locks work with little force. It might just be yours along with some others.

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