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Fox Knives Combat Jungle Knife Review

Fox knives FKMD Combat jungle the FX133 review after extensive field testing in real outdoor conditions. A great designed knife.
Made in Maniago Italy

Blade N690 (I’m always saying six nine oh LOL) but of course mean ZER O! This is a great Cobalt martensitic stainless tool steel from Bohler (ok they have changed their name) the Austrian manufacturer.

FOX Knives have taken this excellent steel given it a very practical shape based on an old Molletta /NEXUS knives design (V famous knife designer-Google the name) and added Micarta handle scales (i’d prefer G10- just for the colour range), which are very grippy wet or dry hands. The tang is machined out but strong, with two small Allen bolts securing the scales. This is a beefy drop point-like blade with a good ergonomic feel to it. It does not want to leave your hand when you swing it, came deadly razor sharp out of the box, and stayed razor sharp during my testing. I hit a small rock around the fire once and had to slightly touch up the damage, in the field, no big deal.

Anti-reflective teflon coating is good but of course will start to wear with hard use after a bit over a month. This is not an issue. Interestingly I don’t see any HRC specs on FOX’s web sites but when they did publish this it was at 58-60.

This model is not new however, I’ve had my eye on it for a while as the design said practical big knife for serious camping in the wilds. I don’t carry saws (all the time) and I don’t use axes or hatchets at all- yet) so I like a 7 inch blade or so for long trips and the Fox Combat Jungle didn’t disappoint me.

There are only a couple of non commercial videos on YouTube showing this knife and that’s a shame, so this is what inspired me to do this in depth review.


To change the mount, i.e. either left or right handed you remove the inner plastic rigid liner (screw at base of sheath) and reverse it.

If you worry about what the surface looks like after hard use (I don’t because i’m actually using knives, not cutting paper) then the Teflon type coating will wear over time usage dependent.

I’ll be taking the Combat Jungle to the jungle later this year I hope.

There is a I year warranty against manufacturers defects. I’d like to see this a bit longer but I guess this all adds money to the overall final cost of the product. They probably figure if a defect is going to show it will be within a year of usage.

I also blog about this knife here:

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Great review as usual, thanks. I am in the way to get one but I can't decide between the Combat Jungle and the Trapper. What would be your advice ? Thanks & greetings from Switzerland

I like your knife bro. If you know how to use that in defence not just in survival. If you know the martial art FMA and the style SAYOC KALI OR SCRIMA you are a truely survuvalist bro. Im a filipino an fma survivalis bro.

Say Heah Francis, Infact I'm taking my Fox Combat Jungle Knife and my Fox Pro Hinter combp with me this weekend. I'm also bringing my Woodsman Pro Premium Machete and my EZ KUT WoW Folding Saw with scabbard, in the pouch on my Combat Jungle Knife, I carry a Bokor City S. A. K Pocket Knife with saw and scissors and pliers, plus other tool's. For a military looking set, I fond the set to work outstanding in the Bush, in Northeastern United States. Dilly Dilly.,,.p

Hey Frances,
After all this time … have you ever had any problems with the steel???
I have this knife too and I have contact to a guy from Austria (who is also doing Youtube reviews of knives) who has some problems with the blade steel.
Would be interesting to find out if Fox would have variations of the heat treatment of the steel they use.
Greetings from the south of France.

Say Heah Frances, My Fox Jungle Parang and my Fox Pro Hunter turned out to be one of my Fav's Combo's, especially in wet conditions. Yeah, a lovely piece of kit, Thanx You for your reviews, Dilly, Dilly.,,.p

Thanks for your video and this is my first FOX KNIFE and I have a couple of FOX KNIVES ALREADY and I am still collecting them.I live in Australia and wondering where are you going for bush camping ? Maybe I can join you someday ,lol, thanks bro.

Say Heah Francis, Here in the States, I run with a pack of Dingos, We go out on weekends and test our gear. I can't wait to put my Fox Combat Jungle Knife through its paces. By the way I'm getting some Danglers. I seen a video where a guy did a video on the Fox Parang Bushcraft Jungle Knife plus a few others. He also complained about not liking to have a knife Jab his ribs. F. Y. I. BladeHQ sells them.,,.p

Say Heah, Since I like teaming knives up and mukti carry them. My Fox Combat Jungle knife teams great with my Fox Pro Hunter, A lovely piece of kit.,,. Thanx, Joy.,,.

Say Heah Joe, Man do I have to Thanx You again and again. I'm getting ready to go harvest some fatwood. I knoe I'm taking an over kill with my blades just to harvest fatwood, But I want to use both my Fox Jungle Combat Knife and my Fox Pro Hunter, I mean their beautiful and match like soup and sandwich or peanut butter and jelly. Man, Joe whatva lovely piece of kit. I usually would take my 2Hawks Double Bit Hatchet orbmy 17" H. B. Agdor Trekker Hatchet. But I decided to take my 2Hawks Warbeast with it's three sharp edges, For it's weight, It's a mean chopping machine, Lovely. Yeah, I'll also will take my Wicked Tough Saw Combo. I know, I could just get away with half of what I'm taking, But I just want to tale all of them and olay wannabe a bush crafter going into the dangerous bush of my Fav. area. I'm just joking, Like I said, I don't need to take all of my tool's, But I want to, It's my new toy's and I want to. But seriously, The Jungle Combat and the Pro Hunter couldn't be mire perfect of a match. Simply TiT's, Beautiful, Aces is a simple way of explaining them, Thanx You, Joe, I mean it, I'm really liking the set.,,.

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