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A PERFECT Pocket Knife Design? — The Banter EDC Knife (First Impressions!)

What Issss Up Guys??? Check out my first impression on Ben Peterson’s new WE Knives pocket knife!

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18 replies on “A PERFECT Pocket Knife Design? — The Banter EDC Knife (First Impressions!)”

Wish Ben had gone to the Civivi devision of WE to make this knife. Then I would be able to afford it.
I've been impressed at his knife chart and knowledge. Can't wait until he comes out with his next knife and really "goes to town", designing a much more "rad" knife.
Here's hoping Blade HQ offers a big introduction and price reduction!

Come on man your a knife guy, flick that knife open like you know what your doing. Most real knife people wont even buy that knife if it's only a slow deployment like your doing.

It's a gata have. Not only is it a perfect little EDC beautiful knife from a beautiful company but from a great guy that should not be forgotten for what he did at #bladehq. Love it!!!

I think Ben and WE Knives absolutely crushed it with the Banter. It's one of my favorite knife designs in a long time. Ben should definitely continue designing knives. Great guy/great knife designer.

WE must have their hands into a lot of things. I'm almost certain I saw a shirt with this brand and logo on a certain cyclist from Austin Texas

Kinda looks like a wider flat ground Kabar dozier? Looks interesting. Good steel. Price, ehh?
I own a gazillion knives. We'll see. It wouldn't be the first time I blew $100 on a knife ,I didn't need! Hey Boss man, I need some more Overtime! Momma needs a new kni ah, pair of shoes

A little expensive. The average person might have difficulty affording a knife that cost $100.00+.

The only thing I think it's missing is a flipper, I really like having a ridge to keep my fingers sliding up onto the blade.

That is a good looking, not flashy knife performs well from your demonstration though that $100 msrp is far out of this poor boy's budget. The total cost of the last 8 knives I bought doesn't even equal $100 & each of those I use as EDC in a rotation. Thanks for the detailed product review as those are always helpful when deciding which item to buy and they are much appreciated.

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