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The Ohlone Knives Goat Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a neat little knife with an awesome blade and great action, but which doesn’t quite live up to its name: the Ohlone Knives GOAT.

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The market is so flooded with Chinese framelock flippers. To get me to buy a knife in this category, it needs to have something special going for it. This one seems perfectly fine, and I like the inlay even if it's not perfect. Plus it's m390 instead of s35vn. Overall though it's just kind of boring. It's like the highest trim Toyota Camry. It's not particularly exciting, and I can't really see spending $220 on it.

Wish there were drilled holes for left hand carry..besides of that; lovely, simplistic design, nice ano, looks great!

that inlay is shaped ugly. wouldve been better if it was like a fake bolster style or something else. cant stand those protruding rounded edges, and how it doesnt contour with the tail of the knife.

I was lucky and got one of the last of the only 100 Goats produced. Mine has been modded by OCD-4-EDC who documented the mods on his YouTube channel and, in my opinion, he produced a masterpiece. If anyone is interested, the mods he did can be seen on the videos he produced while modding my Goat.
Oh, and Goat is not an acronym denoting "greatest of all time". Deric Costa, (the designer of the Goat) told me that he named it after the Nigerian Dwarf Goat (which he raises) because that breed is tough, tenacious and cute.

I’m not sure I follow how this raised inlay is different from the cf inlays on CRKs, only these less prominent. 🤔🤷‍♂️

That knife is beautiful. At 220, i probably wouldn't use it for heavy use but I could put a little use on it without being too nervous, given the sturdy materials.

You were struggling for a word (briefly) for the overall size. How about “footprint” or “shadow.”

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