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Mora 2000 Outdoors Knife Review

The Mora 2000 is a robust belt knife, it has a razor sharp high carbon stainless steel blade and is the ultimate functional, working knife that will perform to the highest level at an affordable price. The plastic handle provides a certain grip with its gummierten surface whilst a plastic cooks sheath receives the knife with a reassuring grasp.

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Wish there was a "heavy" model for this knife as they did with the companion. The blade needs to be thicker and slightly longer in my opinion. Overall a perfect knife for hiking and camping to a good price 🙂

You are the real deal. Every move you make is with great care and respect for the blade and its integrity and well-being. Kudos

I found the Mora 2000 to be an excellent fishing knife. The tapered grind allows you to make precise cuts when cleaning and filleting fish and the stainless steel is easy to maintain and shows no signs of corrosion even when used for salt water angling. This is my primary knife for fish and game processing and I highly recommend it.

Got one a few days ago, cut a couple things with it and it's hugely sharp and so far has a good feeling about it , looking forward to really putting it through it's paces. I'm pretty confident it'll be fine, you get a feeling with a fixed blade fairly quickly if somethings not quite right (does that make sense? Well, it is what it is!).

Say Heah M8, I got the Mora 2000 with the Mora Hatchet, I wanted to go extra lite for my hot cup of coffee on the open fire and a baked potato rendezvous in the woods, Infact I added the Bacho Laplander because it matched good. A budget set. If you go with the orange, Here in the States the Orange Set is even cheaper than the Olive Green and I think the Laplander comes in orange too.

Nice video Mate! I would only chop with this blade in a dire emergency, but as you stated it would be a great camp companion blade. I have the LMF/Mora Fire Knife and it has a very similar profile grind on it that would make a great skinning tool as well. You guys are pretty awesome, keep up the good hard work!

Not following your own advice on knife safety, when making the tent peg you cut the point first. Nice knife, got a couple of Mora's myself, very happy with them :- nice series of videos. )

Good vid had mine for a while now ..use it as a neck knife …your right this knife is not made to baton with.

Small axes are so cheap and common these days there's no need to put your treasured blade through that kind of treatment, i just got my son a wilkinson sword hatchet for 12 pounds, what can you do ?

I also agree. Never had need to baton anything. I have used knives for dropping 1" to 3" diameter saplings for building structures. It is nice to have a thicker blade for this function but not necessary (just bend over sapling and cut at the stress point). Mora blades have stood the test of time. Everyone should have at least one.

I just bought a mora 2000 as I´m in Sweden and found it for a good price.

Although I´m very satisfied with the knife, I´m having some trouble with the sheath that comes with it. Whenever I put the knife inside and make some pressure so that it stays firm, the knife slowly begins to come up by itself, falling if I turn the sheath upside down.

Anyone having the same issue with the sheath?

Good channel, thanks 🙂

Maybe you could help me with a question. I want to come to the UK early next year to walk the West Highland Way in Scotland, camping in the wild where possible. Now, what is the legal status about these knives in the UK? I did a bit of research and it seems to be illegal in a way to carry a knife without "good reason". I struggle with the "good reason" bit. So, can I bring my Mora Companion to Scotland for hiking and camping or should I rely on a smaller folder? Thanks!

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