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Cort AD810 vs Kepma EDC | Sound Review

Link to buy Cort AD810:
Check out Kepma EDC:

Here we are comparing Cort AD810 and Kepma EDC after a lot of requests from people. This video is just to help you decide which sound you prefer. Both guitars have their own characteristics and in the end its about the sound an individual prefers.

Kepma EDC comes along with a padded case while Cort AD810 doesn’t.

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I like cort sound better thean kepma…… Cort ad810 is good in cost 10000…. With picup… Cort is helpfull on stage singing 🎤👌👍

Hi John, I am begginer guitarist and already own a Granada PRC1 2006 model 39 inches. I am planning to buy Kepma EAC E model. Can you please suggest whether it would be a good option or if you have any other suggestions. Your guidance would be highly appreciated. Thank you

Hey man where can I buy this guitar with warranty is procraft India good or is there any other source

The body is different kepma body is wider strumming sound better. How you compare guitar with different body although martial is the same.

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