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Best Budget USA Made Pocket Knife? Kershaw Link Abuse Review

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5 replies on “Best Budget USA Made Pocket Knife? Kershaw Link Abuse Review”

All that cringey stuff is EXACTLY why I have 3 Kershaw Filter. Retail @ walmart for about 15 bucks. I make all sorts of crap, build all sorts of stuff, own about 40 knives, and my favorite is that damn 15 dollar pos from Kershaw.
I think the relationship is much like your grandaddy's truck you inherited, kinda simple and not too great, but you can drive it through some rough stuff without worrying about losing value.

I had the M390 Link, but gave it to a friend. I kind of miss it. Very good knife. I'm normally not a big assisted opening guy, but I didn't mind it on the Link, because the blade shape and way it performed outweighed that factor. I'd buy it again were it not for the fact that I already have way to damn many knives in my collection, lol.

Great review. You surely didn't lie, I cringed several times lol. Major props for The Marshall Tucker background music.

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