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Zebra F-701 vs Fisher Space Pen Bullet (EDC Review)

The Zebra F-701 and the Fisher Space Pen are the two most popular EDC pens in existence. So how do you choose between the two? We grade the two pens on affordability, writability, fidgetability, and portability to figure out the best one.

Zebra F-701:
Fisher Space Pen:
F-701 refills:
Space Pen refills:

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Video Gear Used:
Canon M50:
24mm Lens:
Zoom H1 Recorder:
TakStar Shotgun Mic:

About This Video: In this video, Brian does a comparison of the Fisher Spacepen Bullet versus the Zebra F701 pen. If you’re looking for a good intro EDC pen, check out this review.

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