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Walmart | EDC & Survival Gear Shopping

WALMART | A fun look into Survival Gear shopping where I will venture to several of my local outdoor retailers & see what New, useful, affordable, & Hidden treasures I can find each trip!

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Billy Bay Fishing Knife:
Mora 511 Craft Knife:
Promier Multfunction Flashlight:
Mustad Multi-tool:
12 Pk Aluminum Tent Stakes:
Niteize 2pk – CamJam:
12 Pack of Bandanas:
Ozark Trail Mess Kit Set:
Ozark Trail 10 piece Easy Storage Camp Set:

Other Budget Outdoor Gear:

Water Proof Match Box Holder:
Wysi Wipe 100 Pack:
Compressed Towels 500 Pack:
EZ Towels 50 Pack:
EZ Towels 100 Pack:
EZ Towels 200 Pack:
EZ Towels 600 Pack:
Sh!T Kit 20 Pack:
Potty Pack 20 Pack:
Coleman Camp Soap 50 sheet Pack:
N RIT Camp Pack Towel:
N RIT Camp Pack Towel Small:
DOPP Kit Travel Bag :
The Shemagh:
UST Solar Shower 5 Gallon:
BioDegradable Camp Soap:
4DB Extreme Weather FireStarter:
EZ Towel 50 Pack Towels:
Titan SurvivorCord 100ft Hank:
HydroBlu 1oz SideKick WaterFilter:
Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel:
UVPaqlite Reusable GlowStick:
UVPaqlite Scout Pack:
Lever Gear Tool Card Pro:
SOL 2-Person XL Bivvy:

My Personal Youtube Channel Camera Rig Equipment:

My Professional Tripod:
RODE Video Micro:
Iographer Video Kit IPhone 6/6S:
KingJoy Fluid Head:
Neewer Tripod Level Head:
Viltrox L116T LED Light:
KingJoy Video Slider:
Joby Gorilla Pod:
Joby Tight Pro Phone Mounts:
Lanparte HHG-01 Gimbal:
Lanparte HHG-01 Extra Battery:

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25 replies on “Walmart | EDC & Survival Gear Shopping”

I just tried to 400lb camping hammock seemed very nice I didn't trust it at first and it is very thin but you could get a few uses out of it for sure

Dry Makeup pads would work for the first aid and fire starting implement. The ointment can be smeared on and then they can be stacked the like a sandwich, perhaps even vacuum seal them for a even smaller package.

For the hammocks I believe pm101 uses those and says there good. And yes another video I’m rewatching lol

I think ya need the call of duty knife, the air bag chair and those tampons more than any of that other crap. Happy glamping!

The tent stakes I’ve had mine for about five years now and they’re still holding up at $.76 apiece

Nah b that camillus knife isn’t crap. I’ve had one for two years and have beat on like I mean I’ve split so much wood with it make feather sticks and all around beat on it. For $10 and at Walmart it is pretty decent. I know you’ll never see this but it really isn’t bad

use ABD pads instead of women's pads. ABD are cheaper and actually meant for heavy wound based bleeding. Also work great for abdominal injuries.

Love the equip hammock got one i camp out on river wen i go catfishin works good takes 2 minutes to set it up. Stays in my bob

I bought the last three knives walmart had for $1.00 each but the tarp pulleys, are they any good?

I have those cam jams in my work van. They work surprisingly good, hold tight and will only come loose if the cord is cock-eyed. Not a half bad little buy.

the ozark trail multitool, the 17 in 1 one, its good as a temp one if you're waiting for a good multitool, but anything further than lets say 3 months of average use to heavy use, will destroy it, plus the coating is crap

How much stupid weight did you add on . some of those are a peace of junk. First aid a joke. Better a dollar tree or 99cent stoe. The geen knife junk get one that last for years to come that green knife not wort buying you got taken

I have officially become a MIDDLE aged man. Because I watch other people shop at Walmart on Utube.

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